Daniel Auteuil: His role as a father, Emmanuelle Béart and the women in his life, his relationship to money, his films...

Actor Daniel Auteuil is usually discreet about his personal life. In the book 'Daniel Auteuil, under the mask', the artist and his relatives deliver confidences. The importance of his family, the women in his life, his great ambition and filming anecdotes... Discover the actor as you've never seen him before.

  Daniel Auteuil: His role as a father, Emmanuelle Béart and the women in his life, his relationship to'argent, ses films...

Actor, director, singer, author... Daniel Auteuil is an accomplished artist. Nominated fourteen times Cease , he won two, in 1987 and 2000, respectively for the role of Ugolin in the films John of Florette and Manon of the sources and for The girl on the bridge . Journalist Nathalie Simon reveals the actor in a whole new light in her book Daniel Auteuil, under the mask , published in October 2022, thanks to stories and testimonials, from him and his relatives and colleagues.

The 72 year old artist always wanted to play, his friend Patrick Raynal confesses: ' He was obsessed with cinema, he wanted to enter it by any door '. I have to confirm Michelle Podroznik: ' He wanted to play big roles on the big screen and felt he had enormous potential. '. His goal has always been ' to become a star, it was his principal editor, a rage to conquer 'says Patrick Raynal, ' he was ambitious, but not at all sure of himself, he would have moved mountains but in total uncertainty '.

A devoted family man

Daniel Auteuil is very discreet and the public knows little about him, Thierry Frémaux confirms: ' He's built something in his private life, he's not giving up '. At the heart of his little private bubble is his family, ' His wife Aude and son Zach are high priority ' , says director Vincent Garenq. His role as a father changed him , he quit smoking,' he wasn't there often due to his acting life, but since he has his son, there's a different thing going on. He's there more often ', says Pierre-Yves Bon. ' He is totally crazy about Zachary, he has glitter in his eyes when he watches this little Tarzan climb trees “, he adds, he enjoys it, as if he hadn't had the opportunity to do it before ' . His first daughter, Aurore Auteuil, explains: ' He loved us like his mother had loved him '.

In April 2012, Daniel Auteuil confided in his children to Paris Match , he then recounts that his son, aged eighteen, ' is sublime, he is a real thug '. He details the differences with his first two born: ' Girls, I know well, I have two: Aurore and Nelly, Zachary is my first boy, girls are easy until I'm twelve or thirteen. Then it's a mess. A boy, it's a mess right now '. Since the pandemic, the actor is even closer to his small tribe, he says: ' We refocused on the essentials, (...) I'm talking about the relationship to the family, to the children, to being together ' .

The women in his life: Emmanuelle Béart and the others

Several women have shared the life of the actor. With Anne Jousset , Daniel Auteuil remained in a relationship for six years, from 1978 to 1984, they welcomed their daughter Aurore in 1981. For Patrick Raynal, they were ' a fusional couple, they represented the perfect couple '. On the set of Sweet love , the actor meets Emmanuelle Beart and it's love at first sight. Their romance lasted eleven years, they married in 1993, after the arrival of their daughter, Nelly, and divorced in 1995. He lives a short romance with Meow-Meow during the filming of Eighth Day , released in 1996.

Daniel Auteuil meets Marianne Denicourt on the set of Acting out and fall madly in love. She tells : ' I was very shy at the time. Daniel was very charming. Between takes, he would ask me, 'Do you want to eat in the canteen with me?' , I remember thinking, 'I didn't know there were such nice actors in the business. 'Before accepting his advances, she made him wait a few months. The couple separated in the early 2000s.

In 2003, the actor met his wife, Aude Ambrose , riding a motorcycle in Corsica, where he has a home. Daniel Auteuil says: ' I had a picture of us, I was like, 'If it was her? No, too simple. In fact, yes, it was her . He concludes : ' I loved Aude before falling in love with her. There is something light in his gaze that immediately touched me. I understood very quickly that I missed its lightness, that's how I knew I loved it '.

' His job is his life, a religion '

Aurore Auteuil sums up her father's career in just a few words: ' His job is his life, a religion as for Michel Bouquet '. Cinema, theatre, directing, writing, music... Daniel Auteuil does it all. Comedian Catherine Alric describes it simply: ' He's a mountebank, he can go from music to reading poems '. For his part, the different Daniel Auteuil - the actor, the writer and the singer - coexist to perfection. He explains to the newspaper The cross in January 2008: ' Cinema is no less demanding than theatre. The first is my passion, the second is my reason . There are certain roles that I wouldn't be able to do today '. Furthermore, ' I write like I play “, he adds in the book Daniel Auteuil, under the mask .

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Ugolin, a difficult role to play: a landmark film

The actor has always had a complex about his physique, so when director Claude Berri told him he was ' too handsome 'for the role of Ugolin, Daniel Auteuil is amazed:' How ! Too much, it was the first time I had been told that. Shit then! When you have to be beautiful, I'm not beautiful enough or I'm too beautiful, it's funny ' .

But this character of Ugolin in John of Florette and Manon of the sources asks a lot of him. He transforms physically, he dyes his hair, lose seven pounds , wears prostheses: one for rotten teeth and the other for cauliflower ears. ' I was young, I was thirty-four. At first I did everything to get the role of Ugolin but once I started playing her, I couldn't come to terms with his ugliness or the way I thought others looked at me. In the first rushes, I was only the caricature of this character. I hadn't invested it inside, I was just an empty mask “, he explained to the Figaro in December 2020. Only a week after the start of filming, it is already too much, ' It's not possible, I will return the role ' , he said at the time.

Force of perseverance, the actor finds a solution to accept Ugolin: ' I was going to inhabit it, understand this character, take into account all this drama, this ugliness, this pettiness, all this humanity. From there, I moved on to endearing the unlovable characters '. His work pays off, this role earned him the César for Best Actor in 1987 .

' It is important for him to earn a very good living '

The actor has a special relationship with money. He has often appeared in the rankings of the highest paid actors in France. In June 1991, Daniel Auteuil confides in the Parisian : ' I win a lot, but I don't enjoy it , because of my old peasant background, to spend it unnecessarily. I can invite twenty people to the restaurant, but I can't stand being ripped off on a bill. I do my shopping myself and I know the value of things '. The comedian Benjamin Bellecour says that ' it is important for him to earn a very good living '. François-Éric Gendron adds: ' He has always loved beautiful materials, beautiful apartments, beautiful cars, beautiful vacations, he needs material security, he managed to live up to his ambitions 'This taste for beautiful things can be explained, according to Claire Blondel, because Daniel Auteuil is ' a man of pleasure , pleasure to have a beautiful house, pleasure to have a beautiful boat and to invite friends to the restaurant '.


Daniel Auteuil, the director

Daniel Auteuil is known as an actor but he also harbors many other talents, such as that of a director, in the theater as well as in the cinema. In this role, his daughter, Aurore Auteuil describes him as ' demanding with us but also with himself. Lucid, attentive, patient, benevolent, he is always ten wagons ahead. I learn from what it is, there is no better acting class '. He does everything to install a climate of trust while asking all its actors to be rigorous and to know their text inside out when they arrive on set. He always proceeds with the same little ritual, just before a performance, he invites one of the actors to chat, drink a coffee in order to reassure them, relax them, especially the youngest and he announces to them each time: ' Tonight it will be great, we will have to hold on '.

In addition to having collaborated with his first daughter, Daniel Auteuil also worked with his son on The Well Digger's Daughter . The young age of the child did not prevent his father from remaining professional and demanding. ' As an actor and director, I only allowed myself one take, two at most. Zach was not entitled to more ' , he tells Paris Match in April 2012. Filming with a young child is also full of surprises: ' The more the film progressed, the more difficult it was for me to film him because he was getting up all the time. And since he was starting to have teeth, he looked like the Hulk! '

filming anecdote

In nearly fifty years of career, the actor has lived many stories and some of the most eccentric. Actress Elizabeth Bourgine recounts one of her memories of filming for the film Of a heart of winter . To make the scene more realistic, Claude Sauté asks actors to keep ice cubes in their mouths until : ' Engine . Are you ready ? Let's turn, ice cubes! '. She tells : ' We had to spit them right before the take , he wanted the inside of our mouths to be colder than the outside temperature. If you could see fog coming out, that was perfect '. The method is good and even ends up amusing the two actors who repeat the action several times...

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