Dancing with the Stars 2022: Salaries revealed...and it's VERY down!

Celebrities, jury members and dancers, the salaries of those who make the show 'Dancing with the stars' on TF1 have been revealed and they have dropped significantly! Find out how much the stars are paid for season 12.

 Dancing with the stars 2022: Salaries revealed... and c'est TRÈS en baisse !

The brand new season of Dance with the stars has just started on TF1, since Friday, September 9. Season 12 sees a lot of changes, from the cast of celebrities of course, to the dancers and the members of the jury. Same the salary of the participants is revised downwards this year as revealed by the magazine Public and that of the stars is in the front line: none of them was entitled to a six-figure fee, unlike in previous years.

How much do DALS celebrities earn?

The salaries of the entire cast have been revealed by the magazine Public and this year they are very low. The participating celebrities are the first to pay the price. For season 12, the two highest-paid stars, singers Billy Crawford and Anggun receive €80,000 , the artists are followed by the former judoka David Douillet – who was eliminated from the first episode – with a contract of 60,000€. Subsequently, the singer Eva pocketed a check for €50,000, the influencer Léa Élui and the actor Florent Peyre were paid €40,000. Then, Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021 and actor Théo Fernandez win €30,000 and Cara Lazzari, Clémence Castel and Stéphane Legar get €20,000. And at the very bottom of the ranking, actor Thomas Da Costa is only entitled to €10,000.

How much does the DALS jury earn?

The members of the jury, as well as the dancers are also less well paid for season 12. Fauve Hautot, the show's flagship dancer, saw her pay cut by more than 50%, from €150,000 in previous years to €60,000. . François Alu, jury and star dancer, also suffered a pay cut, from €100,000 to €80,000. Bilal Hassani, who begins as a member of the jury, receives €50,000. Marie-Agnès Gillot is the only one to obtain a 6-figure salary, the jury is paid €100,000 for this edition.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr