Damien Saez 'in debt': 'I can't afford to live in Paris', he explains his situation

Damien Saez justified in the pages of the newspaper 'Le Parisien' the high prices of concert tickets for his new tour, revealing without taboo to be broke. He owes money and has trouble repaying it.

  Damien Saez 'in debt': 'I don't'ai pas les moyens de vivre à Paris", il s'explique sur sa situation

Damien Saez has a busy news. For his comeback to the music scene, the 45-year-old singer released a five-song album titled Telegram,  and in which he speaks in particular of the war in Ukraine. Titles that he will perform on stage, during a series of concerts across France. On this occasion, the star gave an interview to the newspaper The Parisian . 'On July 1, 2023, we will make another double album in the Arènes de Nîmes with a large orchestra, he announced enthusiastically. In 2023 there will also be a new studio album, I think in March, available in NFT. Next, there will be a Zénith tour in November and December. '

Damien Seaz in concert: what are these prices?

A tour of the Zeniths whose prices have raised many questions. Indeed, the places are put on sale for... 116 euros! A ticket that includes a collection of texts by Damien Saez with a subscription to the star's site. He assumed and justified the prices charged in the columns of the Parisian . 'I agree, it's expensive!, he conceded. But we will sell single tickets at the last moment... And you know how much it costs to rent the Zenith, how much I pay the musicians of a large orchestra? (...) My life is in the studio and on stage. It's hand-sewn, craftsmanship, and it comes at a cost.'

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'I'm just repaying debts': Damien Saez and money

And beyond the cost of a concert in a Zénith de France, if Damien Saez pays prices au-dessus of 100 euros , this is due to the delicate situation regarding his own finances. ' I am in debt , he revealed. I've only been paying debts for fifteen years . I can't afford to live in Paris , but I have not lowered the salary of the sound engineer and the musicians with whom I have the chance to work. And to specify that this 'is not a complaint, it is a fact' .

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Selling records is no longer enough to meet his needs. 'Music today with paid streaming is viable over six years, he detailed. Record sales have dropped, if I sell 15,000, that's good. '

Damien Saez made a name for himself in the 2000s with the hit young and dumb . He released eight albums during his career which began in 1999 with strange days . An artist committed against the war in Ukraine, he also took a stand regarding the policy of Covid-19 in France with The song of the old reaction .

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