DALS 2022: two dancers absent from the next prime, find out which ones and why...

Several dancers will be missing during the next bonus of the show Danse Avec Les Stars. What is the reason for their absence and who will replace them?

  DALS 2022: two dancers absent from the next prime, find out which ones and why...

[Updated October 7, 2022 at 10:24 a.m.] Whereas stephane legar sets the dancefloor on fire every week in Dance with the stars , the 24-year-old singer finds himself in difficulty. And for good reason, his dance partner, the new recruit of this season, Calisson Goasdoue , will not be able to be present for the October 7 bonus. It was the artist who announced the news in an Instagram story: ' Family, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to inform you that tomorrow there will be a small change. Unfortunately, my Calisson will not be able to participate in the bounty but she will be back as soon as possible! It's health first '.

But then, who will replace the dancer? This is the former dance partner of Clémence Castel, eliminated in the third bonus of the competition. ' Candice Pascal and I are working hard to give you the best performance tomorrow. Big kisses to you and above all, don't worry. We loose nothing ', assured Stéphane Legar.

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An absent dancer in DALS

Bad news also for the influencer Lea Elui , who is one of the candidates for this season 12 of Dance with the stars : his dance partner, Christophe Licata, will not participate in the Friday, October 7 bonus at his side... to his great regret! But what is the reason for this absence? ' This message to tell you that unfortunately I am ill and that I will therefore be absent from DALS this week “, announced on Instagram the dancer of 36 years.

To replace Christophe Licata, the former dance partner of Eva Queen, eliminated during the previous prime, was chosen. ' To replace me, it's Jordan Mouillerac who will dance with my adorable Léa! I wish them an exceptional show so that I can find my beautiful Léa next week! I am wholeheartedly with them and for my part I will follow this closely “, he explained.

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Chris Marques, absent: who replaced him?

Before Christophe Licata announced his absence from the fifth prime, it was juror Chris Marques who had missed the call for the second prime, that of September 16. In 12 seasons, it was the first time Chris Marques was away . On his social networks, the dancer and choreographer had announced: ' I won't be on the Dancing With The Stars set on Friday ' and this for a very simple reason: ' My little family and I have COVID '. But so that his lack would not be felt too much, the member of the jury had given up his place to a very special guest. ' To replace me on DALS this week, I called my friend Jean-Marc Généreux to help ', he says.

Fans will be delighted to find this historical figure of the show and his legendary ' I buy! '. The Canadian choreographer was a member of the jury for ten years from 2011 to 2019 , for seasons 1 to 10. He had made the decision to leave the TV program, then joining France 2 to host the show Spectacular .

Eva Queen eliminated... because of her sister Jazz Correia?

During this bonus of September 30, it is the favorite singer of teenagers, Eva Queen, who bowed out . The artist did not convince the jurors and lost to Thomas Da Costa and Léa Elui, who were also in the hot seat. Eva Queen had been able to dance with her famous sister, the reality TV star jazz belt , as part of a special 'mystery guest' evening, during which relatives of the stars were invited to join them on the dancefloor.

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But the performance of jazz belt was heavily criticized on social media. The star of the JLC Family was even accused by Internet users of having caused the defeat of her sister. Words to which Jazz Correia was quick to respond, on Instagram: ' Firstly they weren't listed on mystery guests and secondly if the production or the jury didn't want me, I wouldn't have been invited. And finally, the public, our public, tried to unite our communities to save Eva, but it wasn't enough. '.

David Douillet, Amandine Petit, Anggun... the cast of DALS season 12

Here is the complete cast: the comedian Thomas Da Costa, former Judoka David Douillet, Florent Peyre, Stephane Legar, Amandine Petit, Carla Lazzari, Eva, Anggun, Billy Crawford, Lea Elui, Théo Fernandez and finally Clémence Castel.

Christian Millette leaves DALS

less cheerful, Christian Millette , the show's signature dancer, announced that he was leaving Dance with the stars . ' The day has come to announce that I won't be taking part in the next season of Dancing with the Stars and this time it's true. I believe that nothing happens by chance. This show has helped me gain self-confidence over the years. Today, life pushes me to undertake new projects and to fulfill myself in other areas. I'm ready ' he announced on Instagram. Recall that Christian Millette had been the dance partner of Lorie or more recently Vaimalama Chaves .

Denitsa Ikonomova leaves DALS (or almost)

As for Denitsa Ikonomova , she too left the jury but should participate in the program on an ad hoc basis ' around an event in the show '. No details have yet been revealed on this subject... ' This show changed my life and I am very grateful to all the production of TF1 for giving me my chance to show what I was capable of. I thrived for 8 wonderful seasons as a dancer, coach and choreographer with 8 amazing people “, she said on Instagram.

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DALS: New jurors (including a famous singer)

Two new jurors have been announced for this 12th edition! Whether Jean paul Gaultier does not return for a new season for lack of time, according to The Parisian , the star dancer of the Paris Opera, Marie-Agnes Gillot is now part of the jury! ' An endearing personality unlike anything we've seen so far “, explained Frédéric Pedraza, deputy director of TF1 Production. The 46-year-old dancer has notably participated in all editions of Les Enfoirés since 2016!

But that's not all, to accompany François Alu, Chris Marques and Marie-Agnès Gillot , it is Bilal Hassani , singer and finalist from the previous season, who was chosen i! ' He was a candidate who gave us an exceptional show last year, week after week. And who knows well the cogs and the little pitfalls that can be found in this type of competition “, detailed Frédéric Pedraza.

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