DALS 2022: A member of the jury absent from the next bonus, explanations!

For the next premium of 'Dancing with the stars', Friday, September 16, 2022, one of the members of the jury will be missing. Who ? The reasons for his absence? Will he be replaced? We tell you everything!

  DALS 2022: A member of the jury absent from the next bonus, explanations!

Whereas Dance with the stars made its big comeback on TF1 on Friday September 9, one of the members of the jury will miss the call for the next bonus. Chris Marques announced on his social networks, Instagram and Twitter, that he unfortunately cannot not be present friday september 16 . In a short note posted on Wednesday September 14, he explains the reasons for his absence and reveals the name of the person who will replace him temporarily.

Who will replace Chris Marques in DALS?

In 12 seasons, this is the first time Chris Marques will be absent . On his social networks, the dancer and choreographer announces ' I won't be on the Dancing With The Stars set on Friday ' and this for a very simple reason: ' me and my little family have COVID '. But viewers can rest assured, so that his lack is not felt too much, the member of the jury leaves his place to a very special guest. ' To replace me on VALLEY this week, I called my friend Jean-Marc Généreux to help ', he says.

Fans will be delighted to find this historical figure of the show and his legendary ' I buy! '. The Canadian choreographer was a member of the jury for ten years from 2011 to 2019 , for seasons 1 to 10. He had made the decision to leave the TV program, then joining France 2 to host the show Spectacular .

What happened during the first prime?

This very first episode was an opportunity to meet six of the twelve candidates, as well as the two new members of the jury, the prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot and the singer Bilal Hassani who was a finalist for season 11. The public was able to discover former judoka David Douillet, singers Billy Crawford, Anggun and Eva Queen, Miss France 2021 Amandine Petit and actor Thomas Da Costa.

David Douillet and his partner Katrina Patchett were victims of the new red buzzer rule and have been eliminated . They faced Anggun and Eva Queen face to face final. The public decided to save Eva Queen, and the jury allowed the other singer to remain in the competition. A defeat that leaves a bitter taste to the former judoka. In the second part of the show, he is sorry for the presenter Camille Combal; ' When you engage in a competition, you have already accepted the fact of losing and it is normal. I would have liked to show a progression. I can't do it this time.'

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