Daily Chinese Horoscope: Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How about letting Eastern wisdom guide you through your day this Tuesday? Trust your Chinese horoscope. In today's forecast for September 20, 2022, our Asian astrology expert analyzes the global astral climate that decides the energies of your fetish animal.

CHINESE HOROSCOPE OF 09/20/2022. Don't know your reference animal in the Eastern horoscope? Here's how to know your chinese zodiac sign depending on your year of birth. Let's go for your Asian horoscope this Tuesday!

Ox Horoscope

  ox horoscope

You will have thunderous optimism. This will have a beneficial influence on your little world in particular. You will revive the failing morale of some of your loved ones, or encourage your children if they have difficulties in their studies or if they pass exams or competitions. This day, placed under the patronage of the ill-aspected planet Loc Ton, will be bound to cause trouble. So expect friendly disappointments. In view of the obtuse character of this planetary aspect, it will not be necessary to attempt to resolve or explain these incidents on the spot; best to let time sort it all out. Know how to take all the responsibilities that fall to you. Read more from Ox horoscope of the day

Cat or Rabbit Horoscope

  cat or rabbit horoscope

You who like efficiency, you can congratulate yourself. Supported by the star Thien Khong, you will progress in your work, and you will even be able to meet important challenges. However, avoid excessive risk. With the Kiep Sat star in this configuration, you will have no trouble balancing your budget, and could even benefit from an unexpected and... welcome influx of money. Beware, however, if you have important financial decisions to make: the Thanh Long star will look bad; watch out, then, for lack of lucidity or impulsiveness! Know how to take initiatives, but do not overestimate your possibilities, under penalty of disillusionment. Read more from Cat or Rabbit horoscope of the day

Horoscope Chien

  horoscope chien

With this astral atmosphere, you should be able to improve the quality of your life as a couple: better harmony, more beautiful complicity, moments of pure sensual ecstasy... If you live alone, you are certainly dreaming of a meeting that will satisfy you. Because under your independent exterior, you are a great sentimentalist who cannot be happy without a soul mate. Well, thanks to the influence of the planet Phi Liem in beautiful aspect, it is quite possible that Heaven will give you this gift today! Do it a favor, but not so much that you have to cut yourself out. 'Well-ordered charity begins with oneself' (French proverb).' Read more from dog horoscope of the day

Horoscope Dragon

  horoscope dragon

You will have the opportunity on this day to make sparks in your profession. If you have remained in the shadows so far, you will surprise more than one in your professional circles. From now on, the ambitious will know that you have to be reckoned with. You will easily assert your brand image. It seems possible that luck smiles on you in operations of a speculative nature. But don't forget one thing: luck only comes to those who have carefully prepared the way for it. Know how to appreciate gestures of friendship and benevolence. Read more from l'horoscope Dragon of the day

Horoscope Bouc

  horoscope bouc

All your initiatives concerning the family will not necessarily be welcomed with the same enthusiasm as the one with which you express yourself. Don't take offense though. Take into account the personality of each member of your family, and everything will be fine. But if you lack flexibility and understanding, you will get the opposite of what you want. The astral atmosphere will make you somewhat gullible. But let's hope that you won't believe the predictions of certain religious sects about the imminent end of the world! We have been told this for centuries. Saint Paul himself was convinced that the end of time would occur during his lifetime, two thousand years ago! Don't believe gossip, use good judgment. Read more from l'horoscope Bouc of the day

Horoscope Cheval

  horoscope cheval

Why not take advantage of the calm of your Astral Sky to cleanse your body with 'organic' products? These 'AB' (Organic Farming) products come from a production method that excludes the use of synthetic chemical agents.' Dare to defend your point of view, without denigrating that of others. Read more from l'horoscope Cheval of the day

Horoscope Singe

  horoscope singe

Nothing really important to report if you are married. Only the star Van Xuong will have an indirect impact on your life as a couple, causing some misunderstandings for some of you, fortunately not serious. Single, all fired up, you will conquer hearts with confidence and passion. Your enterprising attitude will make you achieve great success. But beware of disappointment because, as you might realize, all that glitters is not gold! Don't stake your capital or your wealth in the hope of large, in fact random, profits. Read more from l'horoscope Singe of the day

Horoscope Cochon

  horoscope cochon

Enterprising and dynamic, you will have a knack for moving mountains. In addition, your charisma and your magnetism having a surprising effect on others, you will be able to convince those around you to help you achieve your projects. Everything will therefore go like clockwork. The astral climate of the day will favorably affect financial matters. You will easily manage to balance your budget or repay your debts thanks to the rather unexpected small cash inflows. Preferably choose the investments of 'good family man' and play the card of the increase in real estate.' Devote your energy to expediting emergencies and not to take care of useless details. Read more from l'horoscope Cochon of the day

Horoscope Rat

  horoscope rat

The planets currently influencing the family-related areas of your chart are quite positive. In principle, everything should be fine, both with your parents and with your children. But, for some natives of a Wood year, the star That Sat in disharmonious aspect could temporarily complicate things; try not to rekindle old conflicts. With your children, adopt a less authoritarian attitude. We cannot blame you for being too reticent or not very expansive. You will rather tend to say whatever comes to your mind, and sometimes the words will even exceed your thoughts. Be scrupulous in all that concerns your interests; don't let anyone hurt you. Read more from l'horoscope Rat of the day

Horoscope Coq

  horoscope coq

Giving up habits that are harmful to your health, such as smoking or going to bed too late? But no, that shouldn't be wishful thinking. With the star Tam Thai, the master of renewal, which influences your sign, it is even quite achievable. Are you up to the challenge? Do not abuse the pleasures of life, because 'satiety breeds disgust' (Montaigne).' Read more from l'horoscope Coq of the day

Horoscope Serpent

  horoscope serpent

Your sentimental ideal could finally see the light of day thanks to the help of the planet Giai Than. If you are single, a meeting could take place today and take a new turn in your life. It could be a Tiger or a Dragon. Take a good look around you: love will be waiting for you there. Married natives will savor their marital love. Be discreet about your talents and your merits: 'Do you want people to believe good things about you? Don't say so' (Pascal). Read more from l'horoscope Serpent of the day

horoscope tiger

  horoscope tiger

This aspect of the star Kiep Sat will be very beneficial for schoolchildren, students and intellectual workers in general, who will be able to assimilate more deeply than usual, thanks to increased insight and curiosity. The projects that are most important to you should see the light of day. And not by chance! You will spare no effort to achieve your goals, making many contacts to present your creations. The money will go into your purse. But do not spend it immediately, especially for matters of prestige. If you don't have essential purchases to make, consider long-term investments. Let yourselves live agreeably and think of the joys of the family. Read more from the tiger horoscope of the day

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Has your daily Chinese horoscope helped you better understand the hours to come? We hope ! However, remember that Asian wisdom is only there to guide your day, not to decide for you. Know how to take the time to reflect when the subjects are important, and don't forget to appeal to your deep convictions even more than to the advice of the stars, which are only a help in deciphering information that you already know at deep within you...

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