Daily Chinese Horoscope: Friday, September 16, 2022

How about letting eastern wisdom guide you through your day this Friday? Trust your Chinese horoscope. In today's forecast for September 16, 2022, our Asian astrology expert analyzes the global astral climate that decides the energies of your fetish animal.

CHINESE HOROSCOPE OF 09/16/2022. Don't know your reference animal in the Eastern horoscope? Here's how to know your chinese zodiac sign depending on your year of birth. Let's go for your Asian horoscope this Friday!

Ox Horoscope

  ox horoscope

Family life will go its way, without significant clashes, without exceptional moments either. Your loved ones will be busy with their personal activities, and you will have a lot to do. But that won't stop you from having a good time together. You will be far more sociable and communicative than usual. You will want to develop important projects with your friends or, quite simply, to have constructive exchanges of ideas with those around you. The presence of the planet De Vuong in your Heaven will give you such a force of persuasion that you will draw many enthusiasts to follow you. Know how to make necessary concessions and compromises. Read more from Ox horoscope of the day

Cat or Rabbit Horoscope

  cat or rabbit horoscope

Under the influence of the planet Thai Phu, your career may take a new turn. But don't let yourself be lulled by overly tempting offers. Consult specialists, and only sign if you are sure you are not mistaken. You who dread money problems, boast! The planetary influences will be favorable to you in this area and will allow you to significantly consolidate your material situation. Know how to accept disinterested advice from a sincere friend. Read more from Cat or Rabbit horoscope of the day

Horoscope Chien

  horoscope chien

Want to make each other happy, complicity... The star Thai Am which influences your couple sector lends itself to reconciliation. The only danger: the bad influx of the star Truc Phu can expose you to too many external solicitations, not always to the taste of your spouse or partner! Single, the wink of the planet Hoa Khoa will certainly have the effect of perking up your heart. Your love life will take an enriching turn, in particular by the transformation of a friendship into a much more tender feeling. Don't be put off by bad language. Read more from dog horoscope of the day

Horoscope Dragon

  horoscope dragon

Do not plan to ask for a salary increase today, despite the fact that many public service prices are increasing: it is very likely not to be granted to you, the planetary influxes not being favorable to it. On the other hand, take advantage of this day to rest and sharpen your weapons. All will be well for the far-sighted natives; their financial situation will be healthy. For others, the stars Hi Than and Thien Hinh, influencing areas of your chart related to money, may cause some unpleasant surprises. Do not wait to pay your debts and put your accounts in order. Don't expect high praise, lest you be disappointed. Read more from l'horoscope Dragon of the day

Horoscope Bouc

  horoscope bouc

Take into consideration this time the advice of your family circle, which you are not used to doing. Indeed, these tips are sound, especially with regard to budgetary issues. Advice from the star Kiep Sat: go out, get everywhere, and try to get away from it all in somewhat exotic atmospheres. Try to deepen your relationships with those you love or esteem, to strengthen ties with them and, if necessary, to move from a working relationship to a friendlier and more intimate relationship. Finish what you started before embarking on new ventures. Read more from l'horoscope Bouc of the day

Horoscope Cheval

  horoscope cheval

Hey there, where are you running like that? Moderate yourself, you overdo it and scatter in all directions. At this rate, you will soon no longer know where your objectives are and what they consist of. 'The man in a hurry looks for the door and walks past it' (Goethe). Come to your senses quickly to avoid mistakes both professionally and relationally.' The master is never stingy with his opinions (Chinese proverb). Read more about l'horoscope Cheval of the day

Horoscope Singe

  horoscope singe

Day decidedly placed under the sign of love. For most natives, it will be a day of tenderness and understanding as a couple. For some, there will be a very important meeting. For those in a Wood year, the situation will be less comfortable: already linked, they risk falling madly in love with someone else; this will plunge them into the greatest perplexity! Before giving in to their inclination, they will have to measure the risks involved and ask themselves if it is worth it. Remember to take care of your brand image; it is an asset of success. Read more about l'horoscope Singe of the day

Horoscope Cochon

  horoscope cochon

In work, put the double bites today. You will be supported by the star Tuong Quan, which will push you to go for it. Hurry to exploit interesting opportunities and spare no effort to develop your situation. The way will be clear and you will have every chance to progress quickly. Also try to definitively resolve certain problems that regularly oppose you to your colleagues or collaborators, in order to prevent them from soon taking on worrying proportions. You will see far in financial matters! Yes, you will develop a long-term strategy to gradually consolidate your material situation, thanks to clever investments. This should give excellent results. Moreover, you will be able to carry out profitable transactions. Let yourselves live agreeably and think of the joys of the family. Read more about l'horoscope Cochon of the day

Horoscope Rat

  horoscope rat

This aspect of the Long Tri star will allow you to improve your relations with your family circle. You will express your good feelings more easily, and the risk of misunderstandings will be reduced accordingly. With this aspect of the star Luu Ha, it will be a privileged day for friendship, and also for any form of creative activity. Remember to sort out those who really deserve your sympathy or your help and those who only think of taking advantage of you. Do it a favor, but not so much that you have to cut yourself out. 'Well-ordered charity begins with oneself' (French proverb).' Read more about l'horoscope Rat of the day

Horoscope Coq

  horoscope coq

With the current astral turbulence, you will feel that gloom is threatening to overtake you. So, consider a change of scenery! Alone, as a couple or with friends, take advantage of your weekends or your RTT to escape wherever you want. Breathing the air of the sea or the countryside will be as beneficial for your body as for your mind. Show more lucidity and less imagination. Read more about l'horoscope Coq of the day

Horoscope Serpent

  horoscope serpent

It is not easy to find or maintain a balance in the area of ​​married life. The Long Duc star will make you want to break habits, while the Moc Duc star will advise you not to change anything. It remains to be seen what your spouse will think of it and in what way you will manage, or not, to agree. For you, single, love may exist, but it will have little chance of being experienced in broad daylight: either because the person you like does not know it, or because they are not free. . Know that 'neither gold nor greatness makes us happy' (La Fontaine).' Read more about l'horoscope Serpent of the day

horoscope tiger

  horoscope tiger

Don't sail in the fog anymore. Clearly define the goals you want to achieve. A detailed and clear action plan will help you look to the future with more consistency and confidence. This lunar climate will benefit real estate transactions. If you are considering buying a family home, you should find what you are looking for today. However, stay within your means. Be warmer and more caring in your interactions. Read more about the tiger horoscope of the day

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Has your daily Chinese horoscope helped you better understand the hours to come? We hope ! However, remember that Asian wisdom is only there to guide your day, not to decide for you. Know how to take the time to reflect when the subjects are important, and don't forget to appeal to your deep convictions even more than to the advice of the stars, which are only a help in deciphering information that you already know at deep within you...

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