Cyril Lignac's apple compote recipe

Cyril Lignac tells us how to make applesauce! You only need five very basic ingredients to make this easy recipe.

 Cyril Lignac's apple compote recipe

Cyril Lignac had already explained to us how to prepare a compote of winter fruits, place today at the applesauce ! On RTL, the chef even teaches us its origin: in the Middle Ages, the cook of Duke Amédée VIII of Savoy described the recipe as a sweet porridge of apples “, explains Cyril Lignac. applesauce recipe has evolved slightly over time and is still just as easy and delicious. Here's how the Chief Lignac prepare it.

The ingredients of Cyril Lignac's apple compote

You will only need 5 ingredients for this recipe by Cyril Lignac . Here are which ones:

  • A mix of apples (Granny Smith, Reinette du Canada, Royal Gala...)
  • Semi-salted butter
  • A vanilla pod
  • a citron
  • Honey (chestnut, lavender...)

You can add cinnamon or tonka bean, but be careful that their taste does not hide that of vanilla.

The stages of Cyril Lignac's apple compote

The applesauce by Cyril Lignac is very simple to make, count 20 to 30 minutes of cooking. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. In a saucepan, melt some semi-salted butter.
  2. Add the chopped apple mixture and scrape in a vanilla pod.
  3. Put a little honey to caramelize. Squeeze lemon juice.
  4. Cook covered to bring up the humidity and the compote cook slowly.
  5. Blend the compote using a blender or a fork.

You just have to taste this homemade compote for dessert or as a snack!

The complete chronicle of Cyril Lignac on RTL is to be found here .Source