Cyril Lignac releases a new Homemade book!

Cyril Lignac will release volume 6 of his Homemade recipe book on October 21. This time, the chef is devoting a whole book to small dishes for the end of the year celebrations.

  Cyril Lignac releases a new Homemade book!

[Updated August 24, 2022 at 5:26 p.m.] And six! After the success of the first five volumes of Home made , Cyril Lignac will release on October 21 a sixth book of recipes inspired by his show All in the Kitchen broadcast punctually on M6. For this new work, the favorite chef of the French has focused on 45 easy-to-concoct recipes for the holiday season.

On the menu ? Scallop tartare with clementine and buckwheat, langoustine ravioli and basil cream, poultry vol-au-vent and truffle cream or chocolate and amarena Yule log. Like always, Cyril Lignac has come up with gourmet, fun and easy-to-make recipes to delight as many people as possible! It's a safe bet to Home made n°6 will be a must to prepare for the end of year celebrations or even a practical and inexpensive gift (€12.95) to slip under the Christmas tree!

Biography of a Generous Leader

Born on November 5, 1977 in Rodez, the young Aveyronnais obtained at the age of 18 a Pastry chef, ice cream maker, chocolate maker and cook CAP at the hotel school in Villefranche-de-Rouergue and, a sign of fate, even finished 1 is apprentice from Midi-Pyrenees! Subsequently, he entered the kitchens of the starred restaurant Le Vieux Pont, in Belcastel, alongside Chef Nicole Fagegaltier. From this rich and intense experience alongside his 'mother in the kitchen' as he likes to call her, the young apprentice will confirm his love of the profession.


A few months later, armed with an unquenchable thirst for learning, Cyril Lignac arrives in Paris to join the brigade of the prestigious chef – three-starred please – as a clerk. Alain Passard . The kitchens of the Pierre Hermé house, the Pourcel brothers followed then those of Alain Ducasse. But it was 2005 that marked a real turning point in his career. In effect, David and Cathy Guetta hire him for his first job as chef in their restaurant called La Suite. It is here that he is spotted by a television producer thanks, in part, to his legendary good humor and unfailing enthusiasm. This good fairy thus opens the doors to adventure Yes sir ! broadcast on M6. The culinary program which offers a young chef to form a brigade to open his restaurant is a real success. Cyril Lignac's spontaneity and talent as a cook easily make him the most popular and popular chef in the PAF.

In the years that followed, he continued his fruitful collaboration with M6 and became omnipresent in successful cooking shows like Top Boss or The best pastry chef . More recently, it was in Italy, in Naples, that we were able to find the chef on the show Chief against Chief . The objective, to discover Neapolitan gastronomy and the good dishes of the mama, all through tests and challenges alongside Jean-François Piège.

A week after the announcement of confinement in France, a new program appeared, it is about Everyone in the kitchen . With this show, Cyril Lignac offers live to make a meal for dinner. Viewers find the chef directly in his kitchen , accompanied by his cameraman as well as live guests ready to cook from home under the precise guidance of the chef. Finally, in 2022, M6 is launching a new program called Cyril Lignac's Cake Academy , a school designed for professionals who wish to retrain in pastry. The chef, surrounded by many renowned pastry chefs, will teach the fundamentals of pastry to participants who will try to win a contract within the Cyril Lignac group.

Where are Cyril Lignac's restaurants?

The young chef realizes his childhood dream by opening his first Parisian restaurant, Le Quinzieme , located in the 15 and district of Paris. And his tenacity pays off: after seven years of hard work perfecting his menus, his kitchen gets one star in the Michelin Guide !

Satisfied but far from satisfied, Cyril Lignac continued on his way by taking over Le Chardenoux in 2008, an elegant bistro housed in the 11 and district of Paris, then by inaugurating in 2011 the restaurant Aux Près, a cult address in Saint-Germain-des-Près, rue du Dragon. In 2016, the restaurateur opened in the same district, Le Bar des Prés, which offers cuisine with Asian flavors. In July 2019, the chef announced the sudden closure of his very first restaurant, The fifteenth. Behind this closure hides a wish for renewal. He particularly wanted to open an Italian restaurant. In the summer of 2021, Le Quinzieme address will change and become Ischia , named after a small Italian island. These various openings and takeovers of listed establishments reveal Cyril Lignac in the guise of a entrepreneur hors pair. In September 2021, the chef adds a string to his bow by buying the constant coffee of Christian Constant in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The address becomes Cafe Lignac and opens its doors in early November 2021.

What type of cuisine does Cyril Lignac offer?

Cyril Lignac's cuisine is skilfully designed to touch the memory and the heart … ' I am not looking for complication, reflection. I discovered gourmet cuisine with a dish of langoustines with cream from Éric Frechon which moved me to tears. I said to myself : my cooking will also be greedy and sincere , like a hug '. And the bet is successful! Cyril Lignac has established himself as the master of revisited cuisine. His credo? Combine tradition and modernity in the same movement!

What are the other addresses?

Faithful to his training as a pastry chef, it is only natural that Cyril Lignac embarks on the adventure of pastry with the pastry chef Benoit Couvrand . In 2011, they created together The Pastry , available in 5 local shops that offer all sweet tooths, pastries gourmet dishes that combine tradition and modernity. Rum baba, Lemon tart, Royal chocolate or even Paris Brest pecan… These are the most popular specialties of this chef with a big heart!

In 2016, to meet the growing demand from Parisian lovers of sweets, the duo opens La Chocolaterie rue de Chanzy, in the 11 and borough. This place of life, entirely dedicated to cocoa, welcomes gourmets who wish to sit down for a little chocolate treat! Finally, in April 2022, Cyril Lignac and Benoit Covering open a new pastry shop in Saint-Tropez. This 41m² shop offers the great classics of pastry chefs as well as new exclusive creations.


What is Cyril Lignac's specialty?

The chef draws a lot of inspiration from asian flavors which it marries perfectly with traditional French gastronomy. Just take a look at his menu at the Bar des Prés to be convinced: market garden tomatoes caramelized with miso, avocado, coriander, chu-Toro tuna half-cooked with yuzu and warm grilled sesame oil, or even a crunchy pancake, Madras curry cake, avocado and lime. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Side 'return to childhood', how not to quote his famous potato gratin , whose potatoes cook gently in milk... This recipe sounds like an ode to gluttony and good memories of yesteryear! His cute sin? The marshmallow bears and that since always, he confided it in the book of Véronique André 'Little Secrets of Great Chefs', published in September 2021 by Hachette Pratique editions. Finally, if we had to name just one recipe, Cyril Lignac's signature dish, it would be... the Equinox . Composed of a light Bourbon vanilla cream, a caramel heart and a speculoos biscuit, this pastry is acclaimed by gourmets.

Where can I find Cyril Lignac's recipes?

Cyril Lignac is not the type to keep his cooking secrets to himself. On our site, you can also discover his Burger recipe, candied onions and tartar sauce, his Cesar salad vegetarian version or its Financier with hazelnut. If you like baking, Cyril Lignac has also released several books, including one soberly titled The Pastry , with the recipes of his famous Equinox or its delicious salted butter caramel éclairs. The chef has also released several books Home made , a summary of the recipes revealed on the show Everyone in the kitchen.

Where to find Cyril Lignac Homemade books?

To date, Cyril Lignac has released five books Home made , with proceeds from the show Everyone in the kitchen. Each copy contains 45 everyday recipes, quick and easy, including one entirely devoted to baking. In autumn 2022, the chef will release a sixth volume dedicated to end-of-year recipes. But it is not at his first attempt, in 2005 he published Cuisine attitude , in 2013 Bistro Cooking , in 2017 The pastry with its famous marble and signature dessert Equinoxe and more recently in 2019 Seasons. These books are available in all bookstores, in the kitchen section, but also online on various sites such as Amazon or Fnac.

As you will have understood, Cyril Lignac is not a chef without news. Do not hesitate to follow this page regularly to find all the latest gourmet and crunchy information about it.