Cyril Lignac and Gordon Ramsay have a common secret

On his Instagram account, Cyril Lignac posted a photo alongside Gordon Ramsay. In legend, he added an enigmatic 'New project'. We tell you more.

  Cyril Lignac and Gordon Ramsay have a common secret

There is something new in the air. the chef British Gordon Ramsay and Cyril Lignac in the same photo by evoking a new project: it is improbable and yet very real! The information was mysteriously brought to the instagram account of the French chef. Accompanied by the photo of the two men, a simple 'New project...' ('New project') was posted. Yet in the British media, the info is already official. French viewers will be able to discover on their small screens a new culinary program from the United States : Next Level Chef.

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What is this new cooking show all about?

American reality TV show hosted by Gordon Ramsay , this series was born in January 2022 on the FOX television channel . In this competition, catering professionals, home cooks and social media celebrities compete in different events. Creativity, technique and composure ... all aspects of the job are put to the test. It's a mix between Top Boss and Master Chef some would say. Well not really, there is a difference that makes all the novelty of this program . This is the film set. Indeed, the cooks will compete on three different floors . Their objective ? Succeed in climbing the levels to reach the top: the kitchen on the top floor. This is' a modern and very well equipped place unlike that of the first floor . At the key of this American show; almost 250,000 euros (244,000 dollars) for the big winner.

In the United States, this show made a splash by becoming the show most watched by 18-49 year olds on the channel when it launched. Another season will see the light of day in February 2023.

When will she arrive in France?

'I can't wait to see the fantastic chef Cyril [Lignac] discover ses propres superstars Next Level ' , Gordon Ramsay told Variety. For his part, the tricolor leader replied that he would 'delighted to introduce it to the French public who continue to be fascinated by all the cooking shows , […] this “new generation” contest. On Wednesday October 19, 2022, the cooking show production company Kitchen Factory - also producer of the Best Pastry Chef and Tous en Cuisine - announced that it has entered into an agreement with Studio Ramsay Global. Indeed, Kitchen Factory Production acquired the rights to a French adaptation of the American show . Yes no date has yet been indicated for the launch of Next Level on French television, this program could be set up in the months to come. It also remains to be seen whether Cyril Lignac in will be the presenter or only the producer. To be continued...