Cyril Féraud is 38 years old: couple, Slam, being a dad, salary... all about the host

Happy birthday. Cyril Féraud is today a key figure in the world of television. This March 15, the host of Slam and Le Quiz des Champions celebrates his 38th birthday. Private life, career... we tell you everything you need to know.

  Cyril Féraud is 38 years old: couple, Slam, being a dad, salary... all about the'animateur

Cyril Feraud is today a flagship host of French television and the darling of elderly ladies, fans of Slam . A look back at the course and the life of the animator who turns 38 today .

What are Cyril Féraud's shows?

Cyril Féraud was born on March 15, 1985 in Digne-les-Bains. He spent his childhood there and soon developed a passion for game shows. It was at the age of 17 that the animator decided to leave his hometown for Paris and join… Fort Boyard who contacted him. There it is then engaged as intern . A first step closer to his dream. Following this internship, Cyril Féraud passes a test with a team of Disney Channel . We are then in 2004. He is then hired after his test to find himself in front of the camera. In 2008 he presented the Heart on France 2 then Slam in France in 2009.

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From 2010, he was entrusted by France 3 with the presentation of several programs in prime time . The Spelling Tournament, The Big Bêtisier, The Big Game in 2011 and then in 2012, 300 choirs for more life . In 2011, almost ten years after his debut, he found himself in Fort Boyard but this time as a candidate. In 2015, Cyril Féraud took control of Grand Slam , the hebdomadaire version of Slam , in which the best candidates of the game compete.

Since 2021, it presents The Champions Quiz And 100% logical, two great games prime time on France 2. In 2022, he was presented What will be the best folk dance in France? on France 3. Finally, since August 2022, he has been presenting Duels in families on France 3.

Salary of Cyril Feraud

While more and more stars are freely talking about their salary or the amount of their retirement – ​​encouraged by Jordan de Luxe – the host has not revealed how much he earns. But, according to old estimates of Here is , he would receive around 12,000 euros per month . Information to be taken with a grain of salt...

Private life: gay or not? He laughs...

Regarding the private life of the host, he has always wanted to remain very discreet. In fact, during an interview given to Public , Cyril Féraud was firm about his private life, which must remain so. “My private life must remain private. I want to be quiet. My silence may feed fantasies, but I don't care. I am very happy in my life and it goes through this tranquility', he told the magazine. Asked by Release in 2020, he returned to the insistent rumors calling him homosexual - it had been posted on the Web by a surfer to whom he had replied with irony - and declared: ' It intrigues them to know if I don't talk about my life because I don't have one, because I protect my wife, because I'm gay... '

Father one day?

'I have said several times that I would like to have a child . It will come when I have the time... For the moment, I don't have any. But when I'm a dad, you'll know, I promise!' , he expressed to Public . His desire for paternity, Cyril Féraud also confirmed it in We both :' I am fulfilled professionally speaking, all I need is the little one (…) Father with a little piece of cabbage who comes to see me on a TV set, at whom I can discreetly make faces without it showing on the air. '

A child yes but for the moment, it is true that the animator is very taken between all his various shootings. “On filming days, I get up at 6 a.m., I have my breakfast in makeup. I get home at 9:30 p.m. and I sometimes work on editing my other shows until 1 a.m. I have a military schedule : I learned to organize myself. For now, I'm crossing my fingers, I'm having the best time of my life, but it's the reward for a job well done' , he explained.

Death of his father

Lately, the facilitator has been touched by a significant drama, the loss of his father. 'It's here worst time of my life (2019, editor's note), because when we have the frenetic pace of filming that I have, it forced me to put everything in parentheses . My dad passed away from cancer. I accompanied him for almost two months [...] When my dad was hospitalized and I understood the outcome, there was no question for me of going on a TV set and doing the puppet saying 'I hope you are well and that you have a smile'. I was going to lose my father' , he told the microphone of RTL.

100% logic: his last audience card

Since September 24, 2022, Cyril Féraud host the show 100% logic . And the show continues to grow in popularity. Indeed, the right audiences are there. If the show is a great success it is because it is the 'first quiz that does not test general culture and knowledge, but logic, sense of observation and common sense of viewers' , as described by France Télévisions. As a reminder, the goal is to answer a series of questions from the easiest to the most difficult ( only 1% of the population can answer it ).

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On Twitter, however, Cyril Féraud's performance is not always unanimous. Indeed, on the blue bird social network, a user was even quite violent: '100% logical, I haven't seen anything more embarrassing than Féraud. The show isn't bad, but the animation is totally crap.' A remark to which Cyril Féraud simply replied: ' Change the channel , y'a le choix! Kisses #100Logic ' .

Apparently, you can't please everyone. But one thing is certain: the animator's career is not about to end. We wish him a very happy birthday again.