Cyril Féraud (100% Logic): The host strips naked... PHOTOS without the top!

Cyril Féraud will present a brand new game show, '100% Logic', this September 24 on France 2. The 37-year-old host has always remained accessible and generous with the public, both in his broadcasts and on the networks. social media, where he even allows himself to post photos where he appears shirtless! Anthology of her most beautiful photos without the top.

Cyril Feraud is on all fronts! The host, who continues to be a hit at the head of the programs Slam, The Treasure Map, and who presents Family Duels since this season on France 3, is also at the helm of a new game show, 100% Logical , broadcast on France 2 this Saturday, September 24 at 9:10 p.m. In the show, produced by BBC Studios France, 100 candidates must compete by using their sense of logic and observation. ' A 10-year-old child has as much chance of winning as an 80-year-old adult, because for each question the answer is 'in front of your eyes', but you still have to see it “, specifies the press release of the second chain.

Cyril Féraud: His new game... a winning bet?

The principle ? Each contestant begins the game with a pot of 1000 euros . At first, the questions candidates will have to answer will be relatively simple, starting with a question that 95% of the population can answer. As the game show progresses, the topics get harder and harder until you get to a question that only 1% of the population can answer. Candidates can win up to 100,000 euros !

Cyril Féraud 'believes a lot' in his show

Three personalities will be there to encourage them. For this bonus, it is Caroline Margeridon, the buyer of the show Deal Concluded , actor Noom Diawara ( What have we done to God? ) and the actress Isabelle Vitari ( Our dear neighbors ) . ' It will be a game that will bring the whole family together in front of the TV, everyone can play. The show does not test general culture but logic, observation and common sense. I believe in her a lot - we shot four bonuses - because the real challenge of TV today is to succeed in bringing the family together on the sofa on Saturday evening “, had explained Cyril Féraud to 20 Minutes .

Cyril Féraud: The recipe for his success

The 37-year-old host, who is obviously the darling of France Télévisions, will he be able to convince the public again with this new game show? ' What is certain is that I work a lot. Everything: my texts, my jokes... These shows require a very square schedule. I hope that my involvement in the work makes these programs successful and that my sincerity shines through. In fact, love me or dislike me, I am as I am in life “, he let go, still with 20 Minutes . If he speaks willingly of his public profession, the host remains more secret about his private life. Thus his sexuality is at the heart of rumours. ' It intrigues them to know if I don't talk about my life because I don't have one, because I protect my wife, because I'm gay... “, he had simply declared in Release in 2020.