Curve cut: how this trendy cut will boost the volume of your hair?

Monica Bellucci, Priyanka Chopra, Bella Hadid or Elsa Hosk, all these stars have adopted the new 2023 trend cut: the 'Curve cut'. We tell you all about this U-cut that promises immediate volume to your mane.

  Curve cut: how this trendy cut will boost the volume of your hair?

Inspired by the mythical hair of Jennifer Aniston in the series ' Friends ', the Curve cut  is ideal for those who have thin hair and who want to win capillary volume . This well thought-out gradient delicately frames your face for a sophisticated and ultra-trendy look.

The Curve cut, what is this haircut?

The trendy fit of the moment on the networks, it is the Curve cut . If it's considered the cut of the year 2023 by celebrity hairstylist Dom Seeley, it's because it gives the illusion of volume to the hair while highlighting your face. This more subtle version of degraded gently envelops the cheeks, jawline and collarbones.

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His stake? Tape the lengths to create a rounded 'U' that follows the lines of the face. From the front, the degraded made on several levels gracefully highlights the features of your face. At the back, the hair is cut in a 'U' shape, and in the front, the hair is subtly curled inward from the face. The rounded effect obtained by the tapered side brings softness and harmony to the face.

How to maintain the Curve cut?

The big advantage of the Curve cut is that it remains a rather simple hairstyle to maintain. You can let your hair dry naturally for a styled-disheveled effect that will enhance your hair. The Curve cut will save you a lot of time while highlighting your natural waves.

For a more primed look, you can slick the strands of each level inwards, which will give a more pronounced curve effect to the hairstyle. And if you want to reproduce the trendy hairstyle from the 90's like that of Jennifer Aniston, blow-dry the front locks and you're done!

Who can reproduce the Curve cut?

The advantage with this hairstyle is that it is suitable for any type of hair. There Curve cut is not only reserved for smooth hair ! On curly and frizzy hair, this cut accentuates the rounded effect for an ultra glamorous effect. But it is especially the ideal cut when you have fine hair: this type of gradient brings movement, volume and shape to the hair. The final look will look similar to the haircut that singer and actress Lucy Hale sports on Instagram:

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On the length side, the Curve cut remains more suitable for medium to long hair , because it takes a minimum of material to be able to achieve a gradient. The little extra with this cut is that your length remains unchanged. Do not worry, if the tapered side lightens the hair, it does not reduce the volume. On the contrary, it gives movement to the mane for a sensational effect.