Love is in the meadow: A star couple divorces, explanations!

End clap! A cult couple formed thanks to the dating show 'Love is in the meadow', on M6, has just announced their divorce. After two years of romantic relationship, it is therefore unfortunately over between Mathieu and Alexandre.
Culture 2022-09-12 18:48:02 by Terry

Julian Bugier, injured in the face: PHOTO of his transformation

Julian Bugier was seriously injured in the face after a boxing session. On his Instagram account, the 41-year-old journalist posted a photo of his bruise...and then showed off the miracles his makeup artist had done!
Culture 2022-09-10 13:22:02 by Terry

Eddy (Married At First Sight) presents his new companion - PHOTO

Eddy was one of the key figures in the sixth season of Married At First Sight. And if his marriage to Jennifer did not last, the Lille resident still found love …
Culture 2022-09-01 17:58:02 by Terry

Numbers and Letters: who are the replacements for Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat?

After 50 years of broadcasting, the formula of the game 'Numbers And Letters' is about to change completely. Everything, you will know everything about the replacements of the two historic referees, Bertrand Renard and Arielle Boulin-Prat...
Culture 2022-08-31 17:57:03 by Terry

Barack Obama: his (amazing) summer playlist

It is now an unavoidable tradition. Like every summer, Barack Obama has just unveiled his annual summer playlist. And you will see, she is most eclectic!
Culture 2022-08-09 16:48:00 by Terry