Culture Pass: extended to 6th graders

During a speech to the rectors of the academy, Emmanuel Macron confirmed on August 25 the expansion of the Pass culture from the 6th class.

  Culture Pass: extended to 6th graders

The Pass Culture extended from the 6th grade

This August 25 during the back-to-school meeting of academy rectors at the Sorbonne, in Paris. Emmanuel Macron confirmed the extension of the Culture Pass from the 6th grade.

Already on July 6 during his general policy speech to the deputies, Elisabeth Borne announced this enlargement . ' Let's make culture accessible to everyone, from the very young. This is why we will suggest to extend the culture pass from sixth grade and to amplify artistic and cultural education ', explained the Prime Minister. Remember that since January 2022, teenagers can take advantage of it from the 4th grade through an individual component and a collective component allocated to schools. More than 600,000 young people aged 15 to 17 have already used the Culture pass according to the Ministry of National Education. In fact, the system has been extended since January 10 to 17-year-old students (30 euros), on January 20 to 16-year-old students (30 euros) and on January 31 to 15-year-olds (20 euros). It will now be accessible from the 6th grade, as announced by Elisabeth Borne.

Culture Pass: what is it?

Deployed in May 2021, the Culture Pass allows each young person to benefit from an envelope of 300 euros, valid for two years, to carry out an artistic activity, take advantage of cultural venues (cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums, etc.) and invite friends to share a cultural discovery (“duo” offers).

Culture Pass: for whom?

  • The Culture Pass was initially aimed at 800,000 18-year-olds . People aged 18 who do not have French nationality, but who have been living in mainland France and overseas for a year, can also benefit from it.
  • Since January 2022, the Culture pass has also been offered to young people from the 4th grade. The device includes an individual part, for young people aged 15 to 17 and a collective part, usable in the school setting, from 4th to Terminale. ' The collective share of the 'Culture pass' is open to any pupil enrolled in 4th and 3rd grade in a public or private college under contract, as well as to any pupil enrolled in a certificate of professional aptitude under school status or in a second, first or terminal in a public or private high school under contract 'the decree stated.
  • It will be offered to students from the 6th grade

Culture Pass: how much does it cost?

This Culture pass is a 300 euro credit for 18 year olds . 15 year olds receive a 20 euro Culture Pass and 16 and 17 year olds a 30 euro Culture Pass. The amount of the collective share of the Culture pass, for college students and high school students is set by establishment, 'in proportion to the number of students enrolled in each level of education concerned'. It should be noted that this collective share is exclusively dedicated to the financing of artistic and cultural education activities carried out in groups and supervised by teachers.

What can you buy with the Culture Pass?

4,500 cultural places are referenced in the Culture Pass catalog , including 2,500 physical locations. Offers are sometimes restricted. Thus the books are to be collected from booksellers and cannot be ordered with Amazon. On the music side, Deezer is offered and not Spotify. Finally, subscriptions on video platforms concern Canal +, OCS, Filmo TV (and soon Salto) but not Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney. Another limit: digital expenses cannot exceed 100 euros. Thus, the Culture Pass allows you to:

  • Book tickets for shows or cinemas
  • Buy books, drawing materials or a musical instrument,
  • Subscribe to an online music or video platform
  • To visit museums
  • Take dancing, singing or acting lessons

Culture Pass: how to use it?

You have to start with download the Culture Pass app on a computer or on a mobile phone via Google Play or the AppStore. All you have to do is register and then book the activities or cultural products directly on the application. Easy to use, it offers several features such as the duo offer which allows you to invite friends or geolocation which allows you to discover all the offers around your home.

Culture Pass: How soon to use it?

18 year olds must use the Pass Culture within 24 months. After this time, they can keep the Pass to consult the catalog of free offers submitted. For college and high school students, credits will be awarded each year as well. They can be used until the date of the student's 18th birthday without possible postponement after this period.