Cristina Córdula has a super easy trick to dress without messing up her hair

On Instagram, Cristina Córdula revealed in video her surprising trick to dress without touching her impeccable hairstyle. Discover her unstoppable hair secret.

 Cristina Córdula has a super easy trick to s'habiller sans se décoiffer

Who hasn't put foundation on a white top or messed up her hair by putting on a sweater? Cristina Córdula has the unstoppable trick to counter these two beauty issues.

The foulard by Cristina Córdula

Cristina Córdula posted a fashion video on her Instagram account last weekend, revealing her ' get ready with me for a drink despite the cold', as she says in the caption of her post. In addition to her purple pants and her vintage faux fur coat, Internet users have especially noticed the fashion accessory that she has hijacked. indeed, before putting on his black fringed sweater, Cristina Córdula protected her hair with a scarf. ' In the video you see me with a scarf on my head, this is my trick to avoid being disheveled when I put on a top', clarified the Brazilian who thus revealed her effective secret to keep an impeccable hairstyle. And his fans are convinced since in the comments of the video, we can read: 'I validate this trick', 'I use this trick every day, it's great!!!' or ' Thanks for the scarf tip. . A super simple beauty tip to copy!

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Cristina Córdula's Hair Routine

At 58, Cristina Córdula is inseparable from sa boyish cut , which she has worn for many years. To ensure an always resplendent short haircut, the host follows a hair routine that she detailed in the magazine  Gala in 2022. 'I have the short hair and smooth therefore very easy to maintain. I use shampoos for colored hair , and I vary the brands a lot… at the moment it’s Hair ritual by Sisley , but also Cocomino Glossing Shampoo by Drunk Elephant or Color Full Shampoo by Rahua. I never use conditioner. I wash, I comb and I'm ready!', explained the star with beautiful brown hair.