Cristina Cordula gives her exclusive tips for being 'magnifaïk' this season!

The fall-winter 2022-2023 trends scrutinized by Cristina Cordula means taking advantage of the sharp eye of this image consultant, also host of the show 'Les Reines du shopping' and ambassador of the personal shopper Lookiero. Interview.

  Cristina Cordula Gives Her Exclusive Tips To Be"magnifaïk" cette saison !

New ambassador for the personal shopping service Lookiero , the image consultant and presenter of Pure you shopping Cristina Cordula was kind enough to decipher for the Women's Journal the main trends of the season. Take notes !

Are there any shows that stood out to you for Fall/Winter 2022-2023?

First, the parade Balenciaga moved me enormously, because the artistic director Demna decided to work on the war [ the show took place on March 6, 2022, two weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine , note]. To put you in the mood, we were in a room with a giant screen, it was maybe 2°C, everyone felt like they were in the middle of a blizzard and the models were parading as if they were fleeing a country in war. There was a lot of wind on the catwalk, so the models were walking with difficulty, some had only panties, another only carried a bag that looked like a garbage bag. It was a very strong message from Balenciaga. In another area the parade Saint Laurent was sublime, absolute glamour! I felt like I was back in the 80s, when I paraded for the House. Very striking. And finally, very feminine, very chic, an extraordinary universe, I would say Giambattista Valli .

What are your favorite trends this season?

The total look in jeans , that's wonderful. And the return of blue denim. Last season, the white fabric was very trendy, it is just as much this fall. Other strong trends: cowboy boots and allure de biker , them fake furs and the long coats à la Saint Laurent, glamorous to the hilt! Let's imagine: sneakers, jeans, a T-shirt and a pretty long fake fur, it immediately gives this side glam , chic and relaxed.

There is also the small vest three-piece suits, which can be worn next to the skin, with a shirt or even over a T-shirt. I'm also a fan of transparency , the sequin , in a spirit of all that glitters with the idea of ​​the Roaring Twenties which is totally in tune with the times. We also find the plumes , them embroidery ... I love it, it's my Brazilian side that stands out!

We don't forget the cargo pants which is making a comeback, a little oversized with heels, trainers, tap shoes... It's up to you! But also the pants wide, with clip that goes to everyone. the tank top is very nice, he was gone for a while, but he's back. The White shirt oversize, it lasts over time. Matter ray, the vinyl whether on a coat, on pants or on a skirt, it's very sexy. Louis Vuitton also made it possible to hand over school girl uniform up-to-date style of the shirt + tie + blazer type. And then the 2000s, which we talk a lot about, remain relevant with the cap, the crop top, the low waist...

What fall-winter look suits all body types?

The flared pants , wide, adapts to all body types. Otherwise, the slightly oversized white shirt suits everyone. the rose , suitable for all skin tones. For the rouge , super trendy, you have to find the shade that best suits your skin color. And then the cowboy boots , by carefully studying the morphology of his leg, it's a big yes. But beware, we often say it with Lookiero, not everything suits all body types!

What color should you have in your closet this fall?

The Red. But also the violet and pink which have already been there for a few seasons. And the star of autumn-winter is really the Brown ! Besides, on brunettes, it's very beautiful. For blondes, opt for a lighter tone like the camel .

What's the trending accessory that won't leave you this season?

The cap for the mood Y2K . And then it's a nice accessory that immediately adds a little style.

What prints should you bet on for fall winter?

The tiles and the grooves , super trendy!

Which pairs of shoes are going great this season?

Cowboy boots and moccasins.

How to adapt the waders to its morphology?

It should first be pointed out that everyone dresses as they wish , there is no dictatorship in fashion. That said, the waders not suitable for all body types. If I am small and that I'm wearing waders that are big bulky boots , it might piss me off. It is preferable to rather play with small parts . Conversely, if I am great , it is in my interest to bet on large pieces such as waders.

Do we validate the low waist?

I agree, but it's not for everyone.

Can prom gloves be worn in the middle of the day?

We can do whatever we want! If you want to go out in the middle of the day wearing a evening dress , we can do it. But normally, a prom glove is rather worn in the evening .

Will you succumb to the balaclava?

I hate everything around my neck and head so the hood , I can't adopt it.

What is the absolute hit of fall winter 2022-2023 for you?

The metallic with sequins and or biker style clothing. I find it beautiful!