Cristina Cordula and 'The Queens of Shopping' are coming to your home

New season, new concept for the show 'Les reines du shopping'. Since August 22, the show is back on M6 with many changes that should surprise you.

 Cristina Cordula et"Les reines du shopping" débarquent chez vous

Already nine years since Cristina Cordula challenges five women to a shopping contest every week. So in 2022, his show called shopping queens reinvents itself on M6. Whereas before, the competitors clashed in Paris, it is now in their city that they have an appointment with Cristina Cordula. ' We shot in ten cities last spring including Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Toulouse and Montpellier “, explains the presenter.

The concept ? If the participants always have a theme and a budget to respect to hope to win the 1,000 euros reward, the mechanics have completely changed . Every beginning of the week, the five candidates meet at one of them, where Cristina goes by surprise to announce the theme of the competition. ' Each time, it was a huge emotion for them, they did not expect to see me at all ', explains Cristina Cordula. Then it's off to the shopping session of the first competitor, who chooses to visit the shops in the order of her choice. Then Cristina and the candidate meet for a face-to-face during which the former Brazilian model gives advice on how to dress according to her morphology, her complexion, her hair color... Finally, the last episode of the week ends with the grand parade in front of a room full of adrenaline and excitement, bringing together the relatives of all the competitors. A unique moment!

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What motivated the change of concept of Pure you shopping ? ' To last, a program must renew itself, get up to date and bring new things to its viewers. ', confides Cristina Cordula. ' Our objective this year was also to be closer to people “, continues the presenter. Not to mention that by strolling around France, the program allows you to discover the clothing styles of each region . Classic in Lille, colorful in Marseille, bobo in Bordeaux... A fashion map of France to be found Monday to Friday on M6 from 4:20 p.m.