Cristina Cordula and her elegant style, from the catwalks to the small screen

Former model, Cristina Cordula is now an animator and image consultant. From catwalks to TV sets, what are the secrets behind her outfits? Decryption.

  Cristina Cordula and her elegant style, from the catwalks to the small screen

Cristina Cordula was born in Rio de Janeiro on October 30, 1964. She began a modeling career very young, at only 16 years old. After posing for fashion magazines in Brazil, she flew to Europe to parade. New look for a new life : she cuts her hair and is quickly spotted by the great designers. His career takes off. When her son was born in 1994, she retired. It was not until 2002 that she opened her makeover agency in Paris, before being quickly recruited by television. As saying that Cristina Cordula, has not stolen her nickname of queen of shopping. His always-on-trend looks and sharp style advice, featured on his iconic shows like New look for a new life or shopping queens, have helped more than one! As on TV, the Brazilian host gives us IRL real fashion lessons on each of her outings. Sequins, transparency and a silhouette always well worked, she dares extravagant looks in the image of her personality.

How did Cristina Cordula dress young?

Ungaro , Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel or even Dior: the young Cristina Cordula parades for the greatest. On the catwalks, she wears couture looks dressed to the nines. the mode pass : elegance . Before adopting a short cut, she ties her hair in delicate buns.

Cristina Cordula at the Giambattista Valli haute couture fall-winter 2018-2019 show in Paris on July 2, 2018

How does Cristina Cordula dress in shopping queens ?

Since 2013, the former model presents on M6 the show The Queens of Shopping . Her recipe for a consistent look that highlights her morphology in 8 ? Patterns (galore), belted dresses (to mark the waist) and high-waisted pants (to lengthen the legs). Rarely flat, the presenter prefers to opt for heels, in all forms: pumps, wedge sandals or high boots, nothing escapes her.

How does Cristina dress in real life?

When not in front of the camera, Cristina Cordula wears a more casual look. She trades suit trousers for jeans and various trousers, which she twists with vaporous patterned blouses. To sign her outfits? Blazers, which she wears open or closed depending on the occasion. A set always well thought out for the queen of the style of the small screen, which she does not hesitate to decipher on Instagram. To the delight of his 1.3 million subscribers . The most sensational pieces? She keeps them for events — parades, presentations or parties that rhyme with rhinestones and sequins.

Cristina Cordula at the Giambattista Valli haute couture fall winter 2022 2023 show in Paris on July 4, 2022

What are his favorite brands?

Impossible to mention his favorites without quoting Giambattista Valli . From the Italian designer, she praises kindness, benevolence and generosity. It was he who designed two of the dresses she wore in 2017 on the occasion of her marriage to businessman Frédéric Cassin. Outside the ceremony, her wardrobe resembles ours: boots, trousers or even T-shirts, simple clothes that she embellishes with carefully chosen jackets. And determined to show that style does not rhyme with an XXL bank account, she does not hesitate to trade the big names in fashion for accessible brands – like Mango or Uniqlo. Magnifaïk my darling!

How to copy her looks?

Keep in mind these few rules: never too short, never too low. No, Cristina Cordula is not really a fan of the Y2K trend and low waist pants. The host, she puts on outfits that she considers elegant. To adapt your style, you will first have to go through the morphology box : Are you in A, H or even V? According to her, some pieces will fit you better than others depending on your answer! All that remains is to dive into its many Instagram video tips, and you're done.