Cristina Cordula, ambassador of the personal shopper Lookiero

Cristina Cordula becomes an ambassador for Lookiero, a personal shopper service of Spanish origin. A fashion encounter that promises to be rather stylish.

 Cristina Cordula, ambassador of the personal shopper Lookiero

The new role of Cristina Cordula ? That of Lookiero ambassador , a personal shopping service online which is a hit in France. Launched in 2015 in Spain, the company raised 60 million euros in seven years to develop and seduce all over Europe. The principle of the service is simple: find, for each customer, the clothes that suit her best. To do this, consumers must all fill out a questionnaire that asks them about their morphology , their style, their personality and the occasions they are looking to dress for. Using this information and an in-house algorithm, Lookiero's personal shoppers choose pieces that match their tastes and expectations and send them a box of five clothes and accessories. It's up to the client to decide what to keep and what to send back to Lookiero.

Time saving

In fact, what Lookiero wants is save consumers time . No more endless shopping days from which you come out with whole bags of badly cut clothes. If Cristina Cordula agreed to embody the company in France, it's because Lookiero and the image consultant share the same objective: ' Highlight [the women] . Lookiero helps them feel better about their style and their body by supporting them in all phases of life “, explains the host of the program broadcast on M6 Shopping Queens . ' When you find the look that suits your taste, personality, and body type, you can look in the mirror and feel great. But if I feel good, I feel stronger, more confident ', continues Cristina Cordula. And to insist on the importance of matching your style to your character: ' Women who have a rather extravagant personality will never be able to dress in classic clothes, because they will not feel valued. “, emphasizes the fashion professional.

'Body confession', a project to understand women

In addition to being the face of Lookiero in France, Cristina Cordula will lead with the company a project called 'Body Confession' . The idea: to get closer to women by meeting them in the street and on social networks in order to understand the perception they have of themselves. With in mind to give confidence to each of them and to highlight them thanks to carefully chosen clothes. An entire program !