Cries for his return to kindergarten: parents will not be able to reassure their children

Back-to-school time has come. And for the little ones, this moment is likely to happen in tears, especially when some parents will not be able to accompany them to their class on this famous first day. If this first contact may seem painful to you in advance, it should not last. Our advice to reassure you!

  Cries for his return to kindergarten: parents will not be able to reassure their children

If the back to kindergarten is a major event in the life of toddlers, which often happens in tears and anguish, it is also a difficult time for parents. A fortiori, when the accompaniment to the class is forbidden to them, as will be the case in the nursery schools of the Academy of Nice during the next school year 2022. The administrative court of Nice has effectively renewed the ban on parents in the region from returning there and picking up their children. A ban put in place in 2017 by the prefecture and the Academy, linked to security risks after the attack of July 14, 2016. This was followed by the health risks resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic which prolonged this obstruction in 2020 and 2021, but on the eve of the start of the 2022 school year, the parents, via the FCPE des Alpes-Maritimes, asked for the measure to be withdrawn. 'The main reason given is the risk of an attack. While everywhere else, even in Paris, even in Toulouse, which have also experienced terrible attacks, parents can accompany their child to the classroom' underlines the association. But the court ruled: the presence of the parents is still not authorized and yet, ' the rectorate recognized that it was a measure hostile to children' , explains a member of the CIPF to BFM TV . Please note, the smallest of toddlers, who are making their first start of school in the small section, can be accompanied by their parents on the day of the start of the school year. . And if your child cries, whether you accompany him or not, which is likely to happen after two months spent with your family: don't panic! Don't worry about knowing that you are lost and confused, and even less about the idea of ​​going through the same situation every morning... all of this is normal and temporary, at least until the All Saints' Day holidays!

Why crying on the first day of kindergarten is banal and communicative?

To start, you should know that as a general rule, even if some are more comfortable than others, most little kindergarteners cry on the first day (especially in small section). 1,2,3...10? You don't remember (because you were too busy consoling yours), but chances are half of his classmates were crying this morning too! By the way, it must have been obvious to yours, which could simply have been taken by this emotional overflow in the morning.

Crying on the day of return to kindergarten, what is it due to?

Regardless garden style that the child has known the past year (nanny, crèche, etc.), it is normal for him to be torn between several feelings : the excitement of becoming 'big', but also the apprehension of finding himself in a community, in an unknown place and in the midst of faces he has never seen. Especially since this morning, back to school requires, parents were invited to accompany their children directly to class. But, imagine what it's like for a 1m tall cub to find himself surrounded by these invading 'giants' within minutes... No doubt he was impressed! But rest assured, if you were the little mouse you dream of being right now to observe your child, you would see that your child is doing very well. Once the classroom door is closed, toddlers forget their grief, as if by magic!

Can parental stress cause the child to cry?

The answer is yes ! Remember that children perceive all your mood swings . Maybe despite appearances, you were a little (or just a little bit) anxious this morning, especially at the time of the separation. And that, he/she could feel it and get anxious in turn... For you too, it's a step. Your child is growing up and it is normal for this to affect you. So, for tomorrow morning, take a deep breath so as not to communicate your stress.

Do the children cry lar m Are you crocodile on the day of kindergarten?

Ah the children... How good they are at softening us up and making us feel guilty. Did you know that many children burst into tears to show how hard their parents are for abandoning them! And on the contrary, others cry, just to tell mom and dad that they love them and not to hurt them, when deep down they are so happy to be sailing away!

Trust the Mistress

Crying is (also) her job. Above all, she is there to look after the well-being of the little ones. She knows the words by heart to reassure them! For your part, do not hesitate to express your concern if this persists... And of course let her know now if there have been any family changes or events that could be a source of anxiety (moving, arrival of a younger brother, separation of parents, etc.)

What to put in his schoolbag to avoid stressing him out?

Starting tomorrow, we play the 'cool mom'. We leave him in the backpack his cuddly toy or a small object that reminds him of home . We are not talking about the tears of the day before. We give a quick kiss (quick, we said) and spell out the magic formula, namely: who picks him up and when/where you meet him in the evening. This is to remind him that you are not going to abandon him today, even if you work away from school. And that, of course, you will come back!