Covid travel: Crete, Greece, France, no more checks?

The border health control system has been lifted in France since August 1, 2022. On the other hand, foreign states are likely to retain anti-Covid measures for access to their territory. Rules in force.

[Updated August 18, 2022 at 1:07 p.m.] After months of checking the conditions for going on a trip and for returning to France, it's finally the end of restrictions at the borders of France ! Since August 1, 2022, in accordance with the law ending the emergency regimes created to fight against the epidemic of Covid-19 in France, the health control system at the borders has been lifted. Concretely, it is end of health pass and other prerequisites for traveling (test...). There are also no more maps showing the classification of countries by color (green, orange, red). In contrast, foreign states are likely to retain measures and specific formalities for access to their territory. We must therefore continue to check their conditions.

What are the current travel rules in France?

As indicated on the Ministry of the Interior website , the health control system at the French borders is lifted, in accordance with the law putting an end to the exceptional regimes created to fight against the epidemic linked to covid-19. Consequently, since August 1 2022, the rules previously applied to travelers to France no longer apply :

  • travelers no longer have to complete any formalities before arriving in France , both in metropolitan France and overseas, and the presentation of the health pass can no longer be required , regardless of the country or area of ​​origin;
  • no more travel justification (the 'compelling reason') cannot be required;
  • travelers no longer have to present a sworn statement non-contamination and commitment to submit to a test antigen or a biological examination on arrival in the national territory.
  • no more justification of the reason for a trip departing from France, in mainland France or overseas, nor any certificate of leaving the territory is required by the French authorities to go to another country.

The same goes for travel between mainland France and each of the overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, etc.). in revenge, the Government finally retains until January 31, 2023 the possibility of activating 'emergency brake' measures for a maximum period of two months, after consulting the High Authority for Health in the event of the appearance and circulation of a new variant of covid-19 likely to constitute a serious health threat or, in overseas territories, in the event of a risk of saturation of the health system.

Do I need a health pass to enter and leave France?

Since August 1, 2022, the presentation of the health pass can no longer be required in France , regardless of the country or area of ​​origin. On the other hand, foreign States are likely to retain specific measures and formalities for access to their territory. These conditions are verifiable on France-Diplomacy .

What is a full vaccination schedule?

The vaccination certificate is no longer necessary to travel to France or to return to France. However, it may be required by some countries.

  • About the vaccine COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen , initial pattern is complete 28 days after administration of a dose.
  • For other vaccines ( Pfizer/Comirnaty, modern , AstraZeneca/Vaxzevria/Covishield), the initial regimen is complete 7 days after the administration of a 2nd dose . A Covid-19 infection is equivalent to the administration of one of these first 2 doses.

Some vaccines are not authorized by the European Commission or are not recognized by the National Medicines Safety Agency. However, they are authorized by the World Health Organization. For these and provided that all the required doses have been received, the deadline is 7 days after the administration of a complementary dose of a messenger RNA vaccine benefiting from such authorization or recognition. For the diagram to remain complete, a reminder may be necessary.

What are the travel requirements in Greece?

Since May 1, 2022, Greece has suspended its restrictions on entry into its territory from abroad regardless of the country of origin. No health document (vaccination or cure certificate), no screening test is required for boarding or border crossing. The conditions for direct access to the Greek islands from abroad are identical to the conditions for entering the mainland.

What are the travel requirements in Crete?

Crete being a Greek island, it meets the same access conditions as those of Greece. Thereby, no health document (vaccination or cure certificate) and no screening test is required for boarding or crossing borders.

What are the US travel requirements?

Effective November 8, 2021, travelers 18 years of age or older to the United States by air must Must present proof of complete vaccination against Covid-19 to be allowed to board, unless they are of American nationality , legal permanent residents or immigrants and some other very limited exceptions. Transits through the United States are also affected by this vaccination obligation. In addition, all travelers must complete, before travelling, a certificate relating to their vaccination status .

What are the travel conditions in Europe?

To travel within the European Union, it is not not necessary to justify the reason for his displacement, but obligations of prior testing and quarantine may apply. The health pass is recognized for internal travel within the European area, in the form of a european certificate . The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation entered into force on 1 is July 2021. An EU digital COVID certificate is digital proof that a person:

  • has been vaccinated against COVID-19, or
  • received a negative test result, or
  • recovered from COVID-19.

National authorities are responsible for issuing the certificate. Since 1 is February 2022, new rules impose a binding acceptance period of 9 months for vaccination certificates used for travel within the EU. Member States must accept vaccination certificates for a 9 month period following administration of the last dose of the primary series . The standard acceptance period does not apply to certificates issued for booster doses.

What are the UK travel requirements?

Since March 18, 2022, it is no longer necessary to justify a complete vaccination schedule or to present the result of a negative test, nor to complete the 'passenger locator form'. European travelers must have a valid passport to enter the UK. Only residents benefiting from the United Kingdom's Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union, eligible for (pre)settled status, will be able to continue to use an identity card until 2025.

What are the travel conditions in Spain?

All restrictions on travel to Spain by land, air or sea are lifted for passengers coming from the European Union or Schengen associated countries.

The entire Spanish territory is subject to the rules of the 'new normal' , which include:

  • wearing the mandatory mask for anyone over the age of 6 in healthcare establishments, including pharmacies, in residences for the elderly as well as on all public transport;
  • respect for barrier gestures.

What are the travel requirements in Italy?

If you arrive from France, entry into Italian territory is not subject to the presentation of proof of vaccination or cure, or of a test. The passenger locator form (PLF) is no longer required since May 1, 2022.

Wearing a mask remains mandatory in certain places:

  • FFP2 mask in transport (except air), including in taxis;
  • mask (FFP2 or surgical, as desired) in healthcare facilities, residential facilities for the elderly, hospitals and health facilities.

In cases where wearing a mask is mandatory, the following people are exempt:

  • children under the age of six;
  • people with a pathology or disability incompatible with wearing a mask;
  • people practicing sports.

Important : A positive French national in Italy is subject to Italian health rules and must respect strict isolation, the duration of which differs depending on the case and the variants . This can range from 7 to 21 days for long-lasting positives and can only be interrupted with permission from local health authorities.

What are the travel requirements in Portugal?

As of July 1, 2022, you no longer need a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test to enter Portugal. He there are no health restrictions to enter the islands of Madeira and the Azores. The obligation to wear a mask is maintained:

  • in places where the people who frequent them are particularly vulnerable (health establishments and services, accommodation establishments, homes or home support services for vulnerable populations or the elderly, and long-term care units);
  • in places characterized by intensive use (public passenger transport, including the air transport, passenger transport by taxi or TVDE (Uber).

What are the travel conditions in Morocco?

The entry on the Moroccan territory is conditioned by the obligation to present a valid vaccination pass (the European vaccination pass is recognized in Morocco) or the negative result of a PCR test less than 72 hours old before boarding and a passenger health form to download before the trip (it is also distributed on board planes and ferries). The children under 12 can enter Morocco without a vaccination pass or PCR test. The presentation of a vaccination pass is required to move between prefectures and provinces, and access public and private administrations, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, sports halls and hammams of the Kingdom. the Wearing a mask is compulsory throughout the Kingdom.

What are the travel conditions in Tunisia?

Travelers over the age of 18 to Tunisia are strongly recommended to have completed their Covid-19 vaccination schedule before departure.

Since May 27, 2022:

has. Vaccinated travelers over the age of 18 should:

  • present the certificate of their complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19 ;
  • submit to random screening tests that will be carried out upon arrival . Positive people will have to apply a self-isolation for 5 days, which can be extended to 7 days if symptoms appear .

b. Travelers over 18 unvaccinated or with an incomplete vaccination schedule including those who received only one dose of vaccine (for two-shot vaccines) entering Tunisia must:

  • present a negative PCR test for Covid-19, bearing a QR code, carried out less than 48 hours before the first boarding or a negative antigen test (TDR-Ag), bearing a QR code, carried out less than 24 hours before the first boarding (self-tests are not recognized);
  • submit to random drug tests on arrival .

vs. Travelers under the age of 18 are exempt from mandatory testing or vaccination.

Measures in force in Tunisia: a vaccination pass is required to access public places for all persons over 18 years of age. The European health pass is recognized by the Tunisian authorities.

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