Covid map: incidence rate in France by department

COVID SITUATION TODAY. The Covid epidemic continues to decrease in this month of August. What is the situation in France? By department? And in the world ? Pictures.

  Covid card: rate of'incidence en France par département

[Updated August 18, 2022 at 11:52 a.m.] The Covid-19 epidemic continues to decline. In its last epidemiological point published on August 11, Public Health France confirm that the incidence rate has decreased in all regions, variant of -22% in Corse at -41% in Pays de la Loire . It was highest in Corsica (598, -22%) and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (427, -31%). The rates of new hospitalizations are down in all regions , with the highest values ​​in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Bourgogne-FrancheComté. The rate of admission to critical care has also decreased over almost the entire territory. What is the Covid situation in each department or region of France? What is the incidence rate? For the voyages  ? In Europe ? In the world ? What are the red areas ? here are the images published by Public Health France (and his website Geodes ), the Ministry of Health and the Directorate-General for Health and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control ( ECDC ) for the outbreak in Europe.

Map of countries for traveling

The border health control system has been lifted since August 1, 2022, in accordance with the law putting an end to the exceptional regimes created to fight against the epidemic linked to Covid-19 . There is no longer a classification of countries by color and instructions specific to each territory. The rules previously applied to travelers to France no longer apply:

  • travelers no longer have to complete any formalities before their arrival in France, in mainland France and overseas, and the presentation of the 'sanitary pass' can no longer be required, regardless of the country or area of ​​origin;
  • no further proof of travel (the 'compelling reason') can be required;
  • travelers no longer have to present a sworn statement of non-contamination and a commitment to undergo an antigenic test or a biological examination on arrival in the national territory.
  • no longer any justification for a trip departing from France, in mainland France and overseas, no certificate of leaving the territory is required by the French authorities to go to another country.

Covid map in France by department

The number of people tested positive for Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 7 days (incidence rate), is a good indicator to understand the progression of the epidemic. It is closely monitored by the government.

Map of the incidence rate in France

Map of Covid hospitalizations in France

Card du Covid in Europe

  map europe covid august 2022
Map of the Covid epidemic in Europe updated on August 3, 2022

World Covid Map

Maps of Covid cases and Covid-related deaths around the world are updated by the WHO .

  Map of Covid cases around the world
Map of Covid-19 cases/100,000 inhabitants by country, 8-14 August 2022

  Map of covid deaths around the world
Map of deaths linked to Covid-19/100,000 inhabitants by country, August 8-14, 2022

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- For French data: dashboard available on and GEODES cartographic observatory of Public Health France.

- For international data: maps from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control ( ECDC ) and WHO.