Covid France figures: August 16-17, cases, incidence rate, curve

LATEST CORONAVIRUS FIGURES. 6000 new cases of Covid are recorded on August 16 according to Santé Publique France. The 7th wave has gone well in France. But a new one is planned for the fall.

[Updated August 17 2022 at 4:38 p.m.] 6000 new cases of Covid are identified on August 16 according to Public Health France. A low figure, proof that the 7th wave has come down well but “the epidemic is not behind us” warns Brigitte Autran , immunologist at the head of the new 'Health Risk Watch and Anticipation Committee' which replaces the Covid Scientific Council, in an interview with the Parisian . 17,000 people are still hospitalized in France because of the Covid. For her, the 'is almost certain that there will be a wave (from Covid-19, ndlr) in autumn'. Like other scientists before her, Brigitte Autran confirms that ' you have to go to live with it (the Covid, editor's note) '. Every day, Santé Publique France presents a dashboard key epidemic monitoring indicators: confirmed cases , deaths in France and around the world , hospitalizations , statistics , incidence , admissions in intensive care or critical care, contaminations , curves, figures of the vaccination ... To which are added the data published by the government . We present here the latest Covid figures .

What are today's Covid figures?

225/100,000 inhabitants 34 455 445 +6331 17,011 1,009

How many new cases today?

At August 16, 6331 new people tested positive for Covid in France. In total, France identifies 34.4 million people having had a positive antigen or PCR test for the coronavirus since the start of the epidemic in 2020, according to the Johns Hopkins University .

  Number of covid positive patients - Weekly - all ages
Number of Covid positive patients - Weekly - all ages - up to week 31 (August 7)

What are the Covid figures for hospitalizations?

Hospital data is based on emergency department visits from the OSCOUR network and conventional care and critical care hospitalizations reported by healthcare facilities. Below are the figures released by the Dashboard government and Public Health France.

At 16 August 2022

17,011 -6.4% 20.90%
  Rolling 7-Day New Hospitalization Rate - Hospitalizations for COVID-19
Hospitalization rate - Hospitalizations for COVID-19

How many Covid cases in intensive care?

As of August 16, 2022

1,009 -7.6% 19.95%
  Rate'hospitalisation en soins critiques - Hospitalisations pour COVID-19
Critical Care Hospitalization Rate - Hospitalizations for COVID-19

Curve: what is the incidence rate of covid?

  Curve of the rate of'incidence en France
Curve of the incidence rate in France on August 13

What are the Covid vaccination figures in France?

In France, 60% of the population received a complete primary vaccination + one dose of abseiling ( 20% of the French population is not vaccinated ). Alone 32.6% of 60-79 year olds and 43.5% of 80+ as well as 44.1% of residents in eligible EHPADs received their second booster dose, indicates Public Health France in the epidemiological update of August 4.

  Vaccination coverage by age group as of 9/08/2022
Vaccination coverage by age group as of 9/08/2022

How many Covid deaths in France?

Government and Public Health France sites report Covid deaths in hospitals and in social and medico-social establishments, i.e. 149,642 to August 16, 2022 according to' WHO . Covid deaths outside these structures are not recorded in real time. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Insee recorded a 'exceptional mortality in 2020' with nearly 669,000 deaths from all causes, i.e. 56,000 more deaths than in 2019 (+9%). According to' Ined , 68,000 deaths are attributable to the Covid epidemic in 2020.

What do the Covid maps say in France?

What is the number of Covid deaths worldwide?

Nearly 150,000 French people have died from Covid in France. How many globally? According to ECDC figures ( European Center for Disease Prevention and Control ) reported by Public Health France , as of August 16, 2022, Covid-19 has killed more than 6 million people worldwide:

WORLD EUROPE Percentage in Europe
CAS-COVID 588,757,628 244,971,173 41.6%
COVID MORTS 6,433,794 2,063,744 32%