COVARS: what is the new Scientific Council?

Created in July 2022, the Committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks (Covars), successor to the Scientific Council, began its work to prevent health risks. Learn all about this new instance.

  COVARS: c'est quoi le nouveau Conseil Scientifique ?

A new Health Risk Monitoring and Anticipation Committee (COVARS) was created on July 31, 2022 to replace the Scientific Council created to support the government during the Covid epidemic dissolved on the same date. The Covars was instituted by a decree on July 30, 2022 and began its work on September 29, the government announced in a communicated . ' A crucial new weapon to protect every pillar of our health against the crises of today and tomorrow ' said on his Twitter account Francois Braun , the Minister of Health. Among the files on which the committee must work: the Covid-19 epidemic, those of the monkeypox , polio and dengue . 'It is still recommended to wear masks very frequently, as soon as you are in an environment where social distancing is not respected. Today, the Covars is studying this point, with different models ' commented for example the President of the committee, Brigitte Autran, on RMC October 4.

What does COVARS mean?

COVARS is the abbreviation used to designate the Health Risk Watch and Anticipation Committee.

What is Covars used for?

The independent body reports to the Ministers of Health and Prevention, and of Higher Education and Research. The Committee is chaired by Professor Brigitte Autran , former practitioner of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris and specialist in immunology, vaccine, immune deficiency and transplantation. The role of Covars is anticipate and prevent health crises and their physical, psychological and societal consequences on the French population. Among the health risks studied are the infectious agents affecting humans and animals, environmental and food pollutants and climate change . Scientific monitoring, prediction and modeling, recommendations for reducing health risks, care and support for populations are part of the missions assigned to Covars.

Composition: who are the members of Covars?

Le Covars is made up of 18 members among which we find epidemiologists, infectiologists, virologists, veterinarians, entomologists, vaccine specialists , a citizens' representative and two representatives of patient associations. 'All the members will work closely with the research and innovation structures as well as with the agencies and high committees that already exist. Quickly mobilized and agile, the Covars has also the ability to self-address according to potential risks that he will identify “indicates the Ministry of Health. The members of Covars are:

  • Mrs. Yvanie Caille;
  • Professor Fabrice Carrat;
  • Professor Simon Cauchemez;
  • Dr. Julie Contenti;
  • Dr. Annabel Desgrees du Lou;
  • Doctor Didier Fontenille;
  • Professor Patrick Giraudoux;
  • Dr. Mélanie Heard;
  • Professor Xavier de Lamballerie;
  • Doctor Thierry Lefrancois;
  • Doctor Roger Le Grand;
  • Professor Xavier Lescure;
  • Madame Véronique Loyer;
  • Professor Bruno Lina;
  • Madame Céline Offerle ;
  • Professor Denis Malvy-;
  • Professor Olivier Saint-Lary;
  • Professor Rémi Slama.

Source: Installation of the Health Risk Monitoring and Anticipation Committee (COVARS), September 29, 2022, Ministry of Health