'Courage, it's the tragedy that me, my children and my family have experienced', Celine Dion gives herself to the Parisian

On the occasion of the release of her new album 'Courage', Celine Dion gave a long interview to the newspaper Le Parisien dated November 19. The death of her husband four years ago, her children, her new life, fashion... The artist gave herself up as rarely. Compilation of the shocking phrases of the legendary Quebec diva.

  'Courage, c'est le drame que moi, mes enfants et ma famille avons vécu", Céline Dion se livre au Parisien

Currently on a world tour, Celine Dion travels the roads between incredible shows and promo days. It is in the United States that Celine Dion confided at the Parisian for the release of son nouvel album titled Courage, the first in English for six years.
The 51-year-old star returned to the death of her husband in 2016, an ordeal she went through with her children, her eldest René-Charles Angélil (18), and her twins Eddy and Nelson Angélil (9). But also on his life after, his 'rebirth' and his new stylist activities for Celinenunu , her brand of unisex children's clothing. Best-of quotes from the 'new' Céline. Review of its shock declarations to the Parisian :

Celine Dion: her children and the death of René Angélil

  • 'Courage' this is the tragedy that me, my children and my family experienced when René left .'
  • ' René will never leave, he is part of me, he is always with me, all the time, and I see him through my children. Well, they're a little like me, all the same, but they're a lot like their father... '
  • ' But I can't hang on to Rene . Now it's my turn to raise my children as best I can and find my own strength. And frankly, I didn't think I was so strong . It's really a beautiful gift that life has given me, being a mother. And I want to show my children that they have courage, like their father and their mother. '

Celine Dion and her new life:

  • ' Life goes on. It's like my life is a book and I'm starting a new chapter. '
  • 'I discover myself, I feel younger, more liberated. I allow myself to do things, I want to explore' .
  • 'I don't read reviews. And at 51, I'm at a point in my life where I feel very strong, very good about myself.'
  • 'There are also cheerful songs, because I'm a super happy girl. My husband is no longer in pain and I am able to fly on my own.'

Celine Dion, Children's Stylist and Queen of Fashion:

  • “A boy doesn't have to be blue and a girl pink. all the rights.'
  • 'My boys, they have pink sweaters and t-shirts. When they were little kids and wanted to try my makeup, I didn't stop them. What's the problem?'
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