Couple of missing octogenarians: a car and two bodies found, their daughter thinks she knows what happened

While the disappearance of a couple of octogenarians in the North worried their relatives, a car and two bodies were found. Their daughter thinks she knows what happened to them...

  Couple d'octogénaires disparus : une voiture et deux corps retrouvés, leur fille croit savoir ce qu'il s'est passé

More than a month after the disappearance of two octogenarians who lived in Roubaix, in the North , Marie-France Dumortier and Richard Di Gennaro, a car that matches the license plate of the couple's was found in the Scheldt Canal on February 8. Inside the vehicle were two bodies which corresponded 'to the two missing , selon un communiqué du parquet de Lille.

Where was the octogenarian couple going?

The car that seems to belong to the couple who have not given any sign of life since January 1 was retrieved from the canal on the evening of February 8 with the help of a crane and divers. This is a Citroen C3. The spouses had hit the road with their car on January 1, around 6 p.m. , from Mairieux, near Maubeuge, after attending a family meal. They just had to return to their home in Roubaix . Unfortunately, the octogenarians never reached their destination.

An 'unprecedented' disappearance according to the Lille prosecutor's office

It was on January 5 that their disappearance was reported to the police , while their loved ones began to worry about not hearing from them. An investigation was then opened. ' That a couple, but also their car, disappear, without being found for so long, is, to my knowledge, unprecedented “, had explained the prosecutor of the Republic of Lille, Carole Etienne, at the beginning of February in The voice of the North . Now that the car has been found, ' technical and scientific police findings are continuing and autopsies are scheduled for this afternoon ', we read in the press release from the Lille prosecutor's office.

Their daughter thinks she knows what happened

Despite the discovery of the bodies, gray areas persist. The path that the couple seems to have taken was outside their itinerary. Marie-Helene Legrand, daughter of the missing octogenarian couple , has a hypothesis about what may have caused the death of his parents. ' There was a diversion so I think they got lost and unfortunately fell into the channel ', she estimated facing the cameras of France Télévisions. From now on, she is waiting to be able to recover the bodies of her parents in order to be able to proceed with the funeral and begin her mourning.