Coronation of Charles III: Date, place, cost, guests... and already a controversy, Camilla involved

King Charles III prepares for his coronation. Buckingham Palace has unveiled the first details of this ceremony which will take place in May 2023, eight months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. And, already, a controversy is erupting because of the crown that Camilla, future queen consort, must wear...

  Coronation of Charles III: Date, place, cost, guests... and already a controversy, Camilla involved

[Updated October 13, 2022 at 12:52 p.m.] The coronation is organized. King Charles III, who left his previous title of prince of wales to his eldest son William, will officially be crowned in a few months. Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Buckingham Palace unveiled the first details. Appointment is given in the spring of 2023. And, already, a first controversy breaks out...

When will Charles III be crowned?

Note the date in your diaries: the coronation of King Charles III will take place on May 6, 2023 . Eight months after the death of the Queen Elizabeth II - which occurred on September 8, 2022 when she was aged 96 - the religious ceremony will be led as tradition dictates by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Since the Norman Conquest in 1066, the ceremony has almost always been led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, details AFP. ' The coronation will reflect the role of the monarch today and look to the future, while being rooted in the long tradition and pomp of the monarchy ', Buckingham Palace said in a statement. Charles III, currently 73, will be ' anointed, blessed and consecrated 'by the spiritual head of the Church of England, of which the monarch is supreme governor .

Where will the coronation be held?

This is at Westminster Abbey, London, where the event will take place . Charles III will be accompanied by the rest of the royal family, including his wife Queen Consort Camilla - a title obtained thanks to the late Elizabeth II, who had demanded it for her before her death - during a ceremony ' future-oriented ', said Buckingham Palace. The coronations of British monarchs have taken place for 900 years at Westminster Abbey, recalls AFP.

As a reminder, Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953, after becoming queen on February 6, 1952 following the death of her father George VI. For the first time, the ceremony - which had lasted more than three hours, in front of 8,251 guests massed in the Abbey - had been broadcast on television and watched by 27 million Britons, for 36 million inhabitants at the time . His funeral was seen last September by around 4 billion viewers around the world.

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How much will the coronation cost?

While the royal family is regularly singled out for its cost, which is very low among the British (£1.29 or around €1.50 per inhabitant each year!), King Charles III intends not to have the madness of greatness for his coronation. Thus, the ex-husband of the deceased Diana wants a shorter, smaller, less expensive ceremony than her mother's.

King Charles III has a personal fortune estimated in millions but, in total, it is the life of a billionaire that he leads. ' As the new monarch, King Charles III becomes the owner of institutions that manage assets estimated at $42 billion, including some of the world's most famous royal palaces and the crown jewels “, specifies the specialized site Forbes .

Who will attend the coronation?

The capacity of the Abbey today is only about 2,000 people. , which corresponds to the number of people, including heads of state and members of royal families, who attended the state funeral of Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on September 19. Logically many heads already seen at the queen's funeral will be there again. Charles III will normally be surrounded by his clan starting with his sons Princes William and Harry.

Note that Queen Consort Camilla will also be crowned during the ceremony, the preparations for which are known as Operation Golden Orb .

What will happen during the coronation?

The sovereign will take the coronation oath. Because Coronation Oath Act, written in 1688, it undertakes in particular to ' Do everything possible 'to preserve the Anglican Church and the Protestant religion. Charles III will be installed in King Edward's Chair, a wooden throne made in 1300 and used at every coronation since 1626. The King then receive anointing and blessing of the archbishop. Charles III will finally receive his royal attributes, in particular a scepter, then the crown , laid on his head by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Camilla already at the heart of the controversy

While she too must be crowned queen consort, Camilla is already the subject of controversy because of her future crown on her head. Indeed, it was expected that she wears the crown of the late Elizabeth II on which is encrusted a luxurious diamond called Koh-i-Noor, of one weight of 108.93 carats. A diamond that will be seven centuries old and originated in India. It was given to Queen Victoria who became Empress of India in 1837.” In 1852, under the supervision of Prince Consort Albert, it was cut into an oval by Voorzanger, cut from 186 carats to its current weight of 108 carats to enhance its brilliance, then mounted on a tiara with over two thousand other diamonds. In 1937, the stone was installed on the crown of the new Queen Elizabeth. Successive governments of India periodically demand the return of the stone, claiming rightful ownership “, relates the site Diamant gems .

A source close to King Charles III confirmed to Mail Online that the question around this crown was problematic, suggesting that Camilla will have to find another one. ' Times have changed and His Majesty the King is more sensitive to all his issues, as are his advisers. There is a certain tension around all these cases, particularly with regard to India “, said the source.