Corinne Masiero victim of incest: details about her attacker, the star of Captain Marleau breaks the silence

Invited this Monday, September 19, 2022 on Sonia Devillers' show on France Inter, actress Corinne Masiero testified to the incest of which she was a victim in the past. She recalled the need for freedom of speech, but stressed the importance of not 'forcing victims to speak'.

  Corinne Masiero victim d'inceste : des détails sur son agresseur, la star de Capitaine Marleau brise le silence

Every morning since the start of the school year in September, journalist Sonia Devillers has received on France Inter between 9:10 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. personalities who make the news. This morning of Monday September 19, 2022, it was therefore the actress Corinne Masiero who was at her microphone. Invited as part of the broadcast on September 26 at 11:10 p.m. on France 3 of the documentary Incest , say it and hear it directed by documentary filmmaker Andrea Rawlins in which she herself participated, the very famous Captain Marleau revealed that she too suffered from incest during her childhood . And like the seven other victims participating in the film – Loubna, Anne, Guillaume, Léléna, Virginie and Carolane – she agreed to detail this drama in front of the camera. And at the microphone of Sonia Devillers therefore.

The actress of Captain Marleau victim of incest when she was young

As usual, Corinne Masiero did not mince words in front of the journalist from France Inter who took the opportunity to remind that seven million French people were victims of incest today . 'It's important to speak up and participate in projects and films like André did (…) Speech is the spark that makes things happen after ' , first said the actress. This is why it is, according to her, 'more than a duty' to watch the Andrea Rawlins film. The 58-year-old actress reiterated the importance of 'free speech' , but she still stressed the importance of not 'forcing the victims to speak' , which can be experienced as 'a second assault' .

In the process, she recalled that incest affected everyone, that is to say all social classes and at all levels. She also denounced 'the system of thought that makes incest exist' and 'the omerta (on the sexual assault in the family, editor's note) that must be lifted' . Corinne Masiero pointed out that she was molested when she was 8 years old .

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Corinne Masiero: her attacker was older than her, who was he?

As Sonia Devillers explained this Monday, September 19 on her show, Corinne Masiero recounts her family in Andrea Rawlins' documentary. A family in which incest was 'almost normal' and where there was a climate 'conducive' to this kind of violence. The politically engaged actress later revealed that she was assaulted by one of her cousins , now dead, who had 'about ten years older' what.

' It was under cover of love that you were attacked (...) When we go through this, what do we represent next? We are nothing. We are an object, a piece of meat (...) And we keep it all our life, we deal with it, we don't recover from it. As if we cut off your leg and then we learned to walk but with one leg missing ', she explains. An intimate drama that she will never forget in her life.

The one who was nominated for the César for best actress for the feature film Louise Wimmer then gave herself up with an open heart and confessed that in his family, at least three other women, two of his cousins ​​and one of his sisters, had also been assaulted . And this by other men of their family. A tragedy that she will therefore detail, like the other seven victims, on September 26 in Incest, say it and hear it .

Captain Marleau, the series continues

The actress has certainly taken the time to participate in this documentary, but she continues filming her ultra popular series, Captain Marleau . As related Lorraine News , September 17, 2022, ' Passion Films is looking for extras in the Vosges for episode 31' of the series passed from France 3 to France 2. Filming will take place between September 22 and October 5. A series that would bring Corinne Masiero a salary of around 25,000 euros per month according to the site We . Information that she has not confirmed and that must therefore be taken with a grain of salt. On the other hand, she earns her living well enough to have invested in real estate. As the magazine reports SHE , she has bought a house in Boulogne-sur-Me r.