Coperni paints a dress on almost naked Bella Hadid during her fashion show

This is one of the most relayed images of Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Week. Bella Hadid, almost naked on the Coperni catwalk, having a dress painted on her body. A mesmerizing show orchestrated by the two French creators.

  Coperni paints a dress on almost naked Bella Hadid during her fashion show

Bella Hadid , one hand placed on the breasts, rushes in a white thong on the podium of the parade Covered Before her, thirty-seven silhouettes have already walked the catwalk for a spring-summer 2023 collection presented in the textile room of the national museum of arts and crafts. Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the two artistic directors of the French brand Covered , presented their vision for next season. A parade dedicated to 'the women of this world', where robes with sensual cutouts are worn under rigid black jackets, oversized suit pants are assumed with completely transparent tops and flowery shorts are considered in mini mini mode.

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The model Bella Hadid, therefore, who has participated in around twenty shows since the start of the Fashion week spring-summer 2023 in New York on September 9, 2022, freezes on stage, one arm in the air, the other hiding his chest, for a magnetizing finale. Two men in black begin to spray her nearly naked body with what appears to be paint or white foam while the top moves her arms in a poetic choreography so as not to disturb the work of these sorcerer's apprentices. Once a strappy dress takes shape on her figure, a young woman dressed in black comes to clean the residue of material on the mannequin, before clearing her shoulders in a Bardot neckline and cutting a slit in the front of the room. The dress now in three dimensions , can come to life and Bella Hadid, close the show.

What material was used for Bella Hadid's Coperni dress?

This stunning performance was orchestrated by Dr. Manuel Torres , also founder of Manufacturer Ltd. At the origin of this company, the desire to accelerate the process of textile creation by imagining ' a material that molds the body like a second skin while having the appearance of a garment 'according to the website of the box. A project materialized with the development of a material sprayed on the body and contained in an aerosol can which solidifies and embraces every curve of the silhouette. Bluffing.

With this technical prowess, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, who created Coperni in 2013 before running the Courrèges house for two years, affirm their desire to combining fashion and innovation . Already, for their fall-winter 2022-2023 collection, the two designers had unveiled a glass version of their it bag Swipe Up . A piece designed in partnership with the American company Heven, requiring three hours of work and one day of cooling . The happening of the spring-summer 2023 show was also seen, for many, as a nod to Alexander McQueen. For his parade #13 in 1999, the Brit imagined a finale where model Shalom Harlow, dressed in an immaculate dress, saw her outfit act as a blank canvas, allowing two robots to give free rein to their creativity. Fashion, an art like any other.