Concealer: our tips for choosing it well and applying it to perfection

Concealer is the essential makeup to display a fresh and rested look. It camouflages brown or bluish dark circles that can darken the underside of the eye. How to apply and choose it well? We tell you everything.

  Concealer: our advice for choosing the right one and applying it'appliquer à la perfection

A good night's sleep is not always enough to get rid of those ugly dark circles! Indeed, the core appears according to different factors such as fatigue, poor blood circulation, stress or hormonal changes. If it is difficult to make them disappear completely, it is quite possible to hide them under a touch of concealer . But do you still have to choose it and apply it? Here is the guide!

How to remove dark circles quickly?

For fade dark circles quickly , make-up remains your best ally. Concealer conceals imperfections and revives tired faces. A touch of concealer and mascara are often enough to transform the look.

How to choose your concealer?

To be effective, your concealer must be the right color and texture. It must adapt to your complexion and suit your skin type for an impeccable result. To get the right shade, we recommend choosing a halftone below his usual complexion . The eye contour is indeed often a little lighter than the rest of the face. You will choose the undertone associated according to the color of your ring.

1, For blue circles : Choose a concealer with a pink or orange undertone.

2. For purple circles : choose a concealer with a yellow undertone.

3. For dark/brown circles : choose a concealer with a beige or ivory undertone.

These undertones thus make it possible to neutralize the color of the dark circle thanks to color correcting.

We also recommend a fluid texture rather than creamy which tends to show fine lines. A liquid finish allows you to apply the right dose on the dark circle and blends easily, while the stick format can be more complicated to use.

How to put on concealer?

There are a multitude of techniques for apply your concealer correctly . Each season is an opportunity for beautystas to unveil a new way to wear their concealer: glasses, triangle, with small touches... social networks are full of ideas for a luminous finish.

If you can completely blend your concealer with your finger after applying it, the trend is brush or to beauty blender . By using the brush to apply the material, you will have a more covering finish. If you tap with a beauty blender, the result will be more diffused, more natural. It all depends on your needs. Some concealers offer a caring or simply very moisturizing formula, but that does not prevent you from pampering your eye contour before applying the concealer with a dedicated cream. This simple gesture reactivates blood circulation and reduces signs of fatigue.

Should you apply your concealer before or after foundation?

There is no set rule but it would seem that applying your concealer after putting on your face powder be wiser. For an even result, it is better to take care of your complexion then apply the concealer so that it does not lose coverage.