A castaway survives 24 days in the Caribbean thanks to... a bottle of Ketchup!

It is an unlikely story that our colleagues from 'Parisien' tell. And if it ends well, it could have turned into a tragedy. A 47-year-old man survived a 24-day shipwreck at sea with only help...a ​​bottle of ketchup!
Company 2023-01-22 09:55:03 by Terry

Saint-Priest: Human remains discovered in the pipes of a building, an open investigation

Employees of a breakdown service company made a gruesome discovery on Tuesday, January 17. Called for blocked pipes by the inhabitants of a building in Saint-Priest in the Rhône, they discovered human remains.
Company 2023-01-19 09:36:08 by Terry

Drama in Thiais: death of a 16-year-old teenager stabbed in the heart... victim of a war between rival gangs?

This is the emotion around the Guillaume-Apollinaire high school in Thiais. This Monday, January 16, 2023, in the morning, two minors were attacked with a knife. One of them is dead and the other is hospitalized. A third 16-year-old man is in custody.
Company 2023-01-17 09:11:02 by Terry

3-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Paris Washing Machine: What Happened to Her?

What happened to this little girl found dead in a washing machine in Paris on January 12? According to the first elements of the investigation, it was the parents who informed the emergency services…
Company 2023-01-15 07:55:03 by Terry

Haute-Savoie: two dead babies found in a family apartment

The bodies of two infants were found in an apartment in Rumilly, Haute-Savoie, after a call for help from the mother. These, in an advanced state of decomposition, would have died many months ago.
Company 2023-01-07 13:06:05 by Terry

Airport drama: Man sucked into jet engine!

An employee of an American airline was killed on Saturday, December 31, 2022, after being sucked into the engine of a plane parked on the tarmac at Montgomery airport (United States). Given the violence of the accident, all passengers were evacuated immediately. An investigation has been opened.
Company 2023-01-05 11:20:05 by Terry

'I find it completely stupid': the city of Pantin becomes 'Pantine', the mayor ridiculed on the Web!

A welcome move or a ridiculous change? The mayor of the town of Pantin, in Seine-Saint-Denis, has chosen to rename the town 'Pantine' in the name of equality between men and women. But what do the locals think? The topic is hotly debated!
Company 2023-01-05 11:20:04 by Terry

A city deprived of New Year's fireworks for an unlikely reason: Thor, the culprit...

In Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK, residents have had their New Year's Eve fireworks canceled due to the presence of a walrus in their harbour. Arrived Friday, December 30, 2022, the animal probably came to rest before continuing its journey north. The municipality preferred to focus on his well-being.
Company 2023-01-04 09:24:04 by Terry

Nantes: At 38, his penis was removed by mistake, the hospital sentenced to...

A 38-year-old man and father of three had his penis removed following a medical error, reports RTL. In compensation, he claimed nearly a million euros. The administrative court has made a decision. What's the verdict?
Company 2022-12-25 07:40:11 by Terry

A young woman found in a 'pool of blood': a police officer had refused to take her complaint two hours earlier

What happened in that police station in Blois? A young woman had come to lodge a complaint against her former companion for assault and battery. A policeman asked him to come back the next day, but the attacker didn't give him time...
Company 2022-12-22 07:58:03 by Terry