Who is Amandine Henry, the French footballer who won it all with Olympique Lyonnais?

She is one of the emblematic faces of the French women's football team. With her club Olympique Lyonnais, Amandine Henry has won the biggest competitions.
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Who is Wendie Renard, the French football star of Olympique Lyonnais?

Olympique Lyonnais player and captain of the French team, Wendie Renard is one of the emblematic faces of women's football in France.
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Michel Sardou involved in the scandal of the layoff of an employee at Auchan: but why?

The Auchan brand has been in the spotlight since one of the employees of the Louvroil store was laid off because he sang 'too loudly'. And Michel Sardou was involved in this whole story (in spite of himself)...
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Machete murder in Rennes: a young woman suspected of having filmed the death of a man

These are spine-chilling facts. On May 29, a man died after being attacked with a machete in the streets of Rennes. A young woman has just been taken into custody after posting images of this bloody murder on social networks.
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Here are the players selected for the France team for the Women's World Cup

On June 6, 2023, the list of players selected for the next Women's Football World Cup was unveiled by coach Hervé Renard.
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Why should all football fans watch the Marinette Pichon movie?

'Marinette', a film directed by Virginie Verrier, will be released in theaters on Wednesday June 7, 2023. A biopic that takes us behind the scenes of the career of football player Marinette Pichon.
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Justine Dupont, a committed sportswoman who makes (big) waves

Big wave surfer Justine Dupont is the godmother of the Eco Games. The Journal des Femmes met this committed sportswoman.
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These parrots make video with friends to distract themselves from their captivity (video)

Amazing ! Researchers have found an innovative solution to combat the loneliness of parrots in captivity. Through the use of technology, these social birds were able to make video calls almost autonomously, and they really enjoyed it! A must watch video.
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It's because he didn't have a phone that this boy was able to save the lives of his comrades

During a bus ride with his classmates, this young boy was the only one who noticed a problem with the driver and saved the lives of all the passengers! A video of this dramatic moment was even captured.
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Test: Which pair of legs do you see first? What it means for your character

Optical illusions can be more than just entertainment. The so-called 'long legs' illusion reveals your personality depending on the image that first catches your eye.
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