Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 6: I am looking for financing

Every Friday, find a new stage of personalized coaching that will allow you in 8 weeks, step by step, to mature your business launch project by addressing in a very concrete way all the questions you may encounter on your way. So this is the opportunity to let yourself be guided to finally allow your talent to express itself in this new school year 2022!

  Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 6: I am looking for financing

Legal obligations, training, meetings... I'm getting to the point! There remains the thorny question of money. To carry out my project, I will need financial support.

I take stock of my own funds

To give me every chance to start my activity correctly, I create an Excel table in which I list all the income I have . I consult my accounts to know precisely which savings, insurance and other services sold by my adviser, to reflect on their relevance. My savings plan? Well, it's time to use it, I'm not going to keep feeding it every month when I urgently need cash.

Once my own funds have been defined, just ask friends and family. Many have offered me money 'on the day'. Luckily, that day has arrived. I start with the family. I contacted this wealthy cousin who offered me many times to support me in a possible entrepreneurial approach. My grandmother will certainly be happy to support me other than with clothes, accessories and travel. After the family circle, I throw poles at certain friends during dinners or aperitifs without going into detail. To go further, I suggest that they go to their office or at home to discuss without taboos.

I identify honorary loans and scholarships and assistance specific to women

I don't need much to balance my budget. For some years, specific aid for women project leaders is increasing. Between word of mouth and hours spent surfing the Internet, I finally have a list of organizations to contact. Some facilitate access to bank loans such as:

It also exists many devices in the region , so I stay on permanent standby!

I am learning about crowdfunding

What if I go through a crowdfunding platform rather than a bank? This crowdfunding system calls on Internet users to financially support an associative project or a business creation. Another advantage: it allows you to build a future community . I make sure of the maturity of my project, of my needs and let's go! I choose my platform ( and to name the best known) and the type of funding (donation, loan, investment). All I have to do now is communicate with my network to publicize the operation!

I dream of a private investor

Start-ups are not the only ones to attract private investors. Some prefer small structures to encourage entrepreneurship by providing advice and financial support. On a local scale, the Cigales invest up to €5,000, which can represent a real boost ( ). If my activity concerns a project linked to the solidarity economy, I find out about solidary capital-risk structures . With a bit of conviction, I can get them interested!

That's it, have you found any cash? Your project is almost ready! See you next week for your next coaching advice. And also find all our practical advice, experience sharing videos and portraits of inspiring women in our special file women entrepreneurs with Perle de Lait .

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