Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 5: I go to the administration

Every Friday, find a new stage of personalized coaching that will allow you in 8 weeks, step by step, to mature your business launch project by addressing in a very concrete way all the questions you may encounter on your way. So this is the opportunity to let yourself be guided to finally allow your talent to express itself in this new school year 2022!

  Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 5: I go to the'administratif

Not my favorite, but I'll have to deal with it! Yes, I may spend time rereading the documents to fill out several times and calling different organizations, but these are the joys of starting a business.

I study the different statuses

It is not easy to choose the ideal status. I start by asking myself if I want to be alone or suggest that a partner join me. Depending on my decision, I inquire on sites to list all the legal forms: Sole Proprietorship (EI), Sole Proprietorship with Limited Liability (EURL), Limited Liability Company (SARL), Limited Company (SA), etc. Then I note for each the advantages and disadvantages. Those flexibility will i have? What are my responsibilities going to be? What capital should I bring? What tax rate on profits? To best answer these questions, I try to project myself in the medium term by being POSITIVE about the success of my future activity! And I do not hesitate to use the tool developed by the BPI to assist me: .

I inquire about the registration

Whatever the status of my company (commercial company, civil partnership or sole proprietorship), I must register it in the Trade and Companies Register (€24.08 for a main registration). Two possibilities are available to me: filing a file with the registry of the Commercial Court linked to the registered office or online registration . All you have to do is download a form and provide the supporting documents. I just have to wait for a Kbis extract to justify the existence of my company! To be completed by publication of a notice of incorporation in a newspaper of legal notices. Practical and very complete, the site full of info.

I contact my bank and my insurer

Depending on the legal form of my company, nothing forces me . An individual entrepreneur does not necessarily need it as long as he does not exceed €10,000 in turnover recorded two years in a row. Nevertheless, a pro account makes it possible to separate commercial operations from those of my personal life. If I create a company, the opening is essential even before its registration, in order to place the social capital there. A minimum of supporting documents are then necessary: ​​identity document, address of a premises (if commercial), draft articles of association within the framework of a company. Sites like provide advice on the various obligations. At the same time, I call my insurer to take out professional liability insurance to cover me in case of bodily injury, material and immaterial.

I subscribe to subscriptions

If at the beginning of my activity I can overlook certain costs, I quickly find out about the different professional subscription formulas for my mobile and internet. As soon as my accountant gives me the GO, I call an operator. Depending on my activity, I can also subscribe to an electronic kiosk of the type to keep me informed throughout the year, without having to travel!

And once the 'paperwork' part is successfully resolved, what is the next step? See you next week for your 4th coaching advice! And also find all our practical advice, experience sharing videos and portraits of inspiring women in our special file women entrepreneurs with Perle de Lait .

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