Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 4: I network

Every Friday, find a new stage of personalized coaching that will allow you in 8 weeks, step by step, to mature your business launch project by addressing in a very concrete way all the questions you may encounter on your way. So this is the opportunity to let yourself be guided to finally allow your talent to express itself in this new school year 2022!

  Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 4: I network

It's not always easy to be alone when setting up a project! To avoid giving up or wasting time, it is essential to take care of your network. Between associations, women's clubs, professional events and other informal meetings, the offer is rich!

I register for webinars

Every day, I talk to relatives and those around me, but sometimes I feel that they cannot give me answers despite their support. Networking quickly becomes essential. Registering and attending webinars is essential in a process of retraining, creation or professional project. They allow to train and learn about a subject (eg : ), s'informer ( ), identify key people and potential mentors , to exchange with people in similar steps. It is also the opportunity to ask questions practices to qualified and available interlocutors when it comes to a live webinar.

I attend aperitifs / lunches / circles of entrepreneurs

These special moments, more relaxed than a professional meeting, allow you to meet qualified people. Results ? In a minimum of time, I get support, advice, information , I create business opportunities, I get the right contacts and I make myself known! These relationships can also lead to, why not, develop a project to give it more scope or on the contrary a more precise and specific angle. Who knows, I can even meet people there to associate with? These events not only bring together entrepreneurs, but also local players, bankers, insurers and investors! So GO!

I visit trade shows

Throughout the year, the events follow one another. I participate in the main fairs ( or for example) for introduce me to the steps to take , attend conferences, take advantage of concrete workshops, discover the best practices of entrepreneurs. Depending on my sector of activity, I also list more targeted events , sometimes local.

I am interested in competitions and incubators

Performing this process allows you to be accompanied not only in the creation of a business but also to move from the idea/launch to performance: a business that works. There are several that offer very useful services: workplace, equipment, connection with partners and investors , expert advice, assistance in setting up the project, network of former and current incubators, communication and visibility of the projects supported by the incubator. The website is a mine, I take advantage of it!

I meet associations

In exchange for a contribution – from 50 to 200 € per year – I join an association (or several) to benefit from many services. From coaching to mentoring, through the funding channels , they support any project by defending and uniting around the values ​​of entrepreneurship. They can be national or local and aim to answer our questions, without judgement.
A few sites to check out: , , , , .

Thanks to Camille Rivière, career management coach 'Garance & Moi'

And once I've met inspiring people and learned valuable advice for my project, what's next? See you next week for your 4th coaching advice! And also find all our practical advice, experience sharing videos and portraits of inspiring women in our special file women entrepreneurs with Perle de Lait .

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