Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 2: I define my project

Every Friday, find a new stage of personalized coaching that will allow you in 8 weeks, step by step, to mature your business launch project by addressing in a very concrete way all the questions you may encounter on your way. So this is the opportunity to let yourself be guided to finally allow your talent to express itself in this new school year 2022!

  Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 2: I define my project

I move on, I move on, I move on. Every day, I impose a hellish discipline on myself to put my desires and the feasibility of my project into perspective. While feeling free from my thoughts.

I think freely about my idea

It is important to study all the opportunities while remaining as open as possible. This step is similar to brainstorming. I start by recording everything that makes me dream, the mission I want to fulfill, my potential target (clientele). I draw up an inventory of the things that interest me and that already exist, I try to make the connection between who I am, my skills and the sector in which I wish to evolve. From there, I rely on this assessment to channel my thinking, develop a track by laying down all my ideas, I make sure to feed myself with testimonials from entrepreneurs for feedback, which is very useful.

I put it in writing

Noting is great, I have the impression of maturing something serious. But it's time to step up a gear. The pretty notebooks blackened with words are a good start, certainly, and allow you to take a step back from yourself. But I must further detail my prospects for change . For example, writing “I want to work with children” is not enough. I practice specifying the actions: “Do I want to start alone? », « Is this a sales, support or service project? », « in this project, do I want to supervise people? in which sector ? do I want to work from home or rent offices? '. All of this determines context and feasibility. That's it, everything becomes more concrete, I just have to quickly confront this project with reality .

The questions are multiplying: “What is the competition? », « is it feasible? what do i need? funding, support from a bank? '. For example, the situation between a coaching activity and the creation of a product from A to Z with key suppliers is not the same! It may be interesting to meet structures like BPI France , a local chamber of commerce, to find out about the support systems and possible support. No way to stay alone in my corner without seeking help in my business creation process!

I test it with my family and friends

Confronting your ideas is essential, but you have to know how to take a step back. The entourage, even benevolent, can sometimes express fears of their own. I decide to discuss with entrepreneurs or people who support future business creators. I cross-check the different opinions, I speak to cooperatives of entrepreneurs, incubators, I listen to their difficulties, I discuss practical issues with them such as remuneration. These meetings allow you to reassure yourself and it feels good!

I re-examine the viability of the project after feedback from those around me

After this survey on a profession or a field of activity, I draw up a mini questionnaire, I adjust my project, not hesitating to underline how much such a point, easy at the start, is no longer so, and vice versa. I let a few days or several weeks pass, the time to digest all this information gleaned. This second week is essential to obtain effective market research, the next stage of my learning.

Thanks to the advice of Camille RIVIÈRE, coach at Garance & Moi

And once I have clearly defined where I want to go, what is the next step? See you next week for your third coaching tip! And also find all our practical advice, experience sharing videos and portraits of inspiring women in our special file women entrepreneurs with Perle de Lait .

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