Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 1: I take stock of myself

Every Friday, find a new stage of personalized coaching that will allow you in 8 weeks, step by step, to mature your business launch project by addressing in a very concrete way all the questions you may encounter on your way. So this is the opportunity to let yourself be guided to finally allow your talent to express itself in this new school year 2022!

  Coaching women entrepreneurs, week 1: I take stock of myself

We are at the very beginning of the adventure: that's it, it's decided, i want change t. Enough procrastinating, it's time to settle down and think about the future without rushing. Here are 4 concrete tips to get there and take the next step!

I chart my course

A smooth trajectory with constant evolution and total fulfillment... until this evening with friends. 'Oh, you've been working at this company for 15 years?' Have you ever thought about changing surroundings? I would see you in the communication, are you interested? From question to question, the idea caught on. Failing to revolutionize my daily life, it may be time to do something else. This is an opportunity to retrace my journey. Diploma(s), internship(s), training(s), position(s), company(ies), I note each stage of my school and professional career and specify the skills acquired, the difficulties encountered, the relationships established. I don't rule out any experience, a one-month student job can make sense, yes, yes.

I work on my desires

The employee, done. The freelancer, done. I allow myself to reflect on my situation. The ideal: settle comfortably on a sofa or in an armchair and let your mind wander and keep something to write down at hand. As soon as I have a desire, I write it down , such as 'get closer to nature', 'work with more humans', 'evolve on my own', 'move, leave or settle in town'. Above all, I do not forbid myself anything, there is no good or bad idea. To move forward quietly, I move on, I go back to my list from time to time to complete it, cross things out. Once final, I highlight what seems feasible or utopian to me.

I list my weak and strong points

During a job interview, this question is often essential for the recruiter. It allows to measure the maturity of a candidate and his ability to self-criticize. At home, the exercise is the same, less the challenge of recruitment. I start by writing down my qualities, it’s more motivating. I am: Creative, Organized, Patient, Funny, Communicative, Versatile, Listening… I follow up with weak points and make sure to stay honest with myself. For more objectivity, I ask those around me if I am right. And I accept criticism, it's more constructive!

I'm thinking about training

Even though I'm only in the beginning stages of the adventure, I'm thinking about the training I might need as a bill of competences , very useful for evaluating one's qualities and faults, personal abilities and ambitions. Many companies offer this service. I ask around to benefit from concrete feedback before making my choice. To adopt the right methodology, I can contact an organization that will help me formulate a project and inform me about the administrative procedures to be carried out. I also surf to find associations dedicated to supporting women in entrepreneurship. No urgency, I put aside all this information to study them at the most opportune moment.

And once I have clear ideas about myself, who am I, where am I going, and 'in what state am I wandering'? See you next week for the second stage of our coaching! And also find all our practical advice, experience sharing videos and portraits of inspiring women in our special file women entrepreneurs with Perle de Lait .