CNR Santé: what is it, how to participate?

The CNR Santé is the 'health' component of the National Council for Refoundation, a major consultation launched to improve access to care in France (medical deserts, lack of attending physicians, etc.). All French people can submit their ideas via a website. What's this ? How to register and participate?

  CNR Health: c'est quoi, comment participer ?

On October 3, 2022, the Minister of Health, Francois Braun , kicked off the health component of the National Refoundation Council , called CNR Health , set up to find solutions to improve access to healthcare in France (fight against medical deserts, improve prevention, repair the public hospital and emergencies...). The Health CNR is broken down into three parts: national , territorial and in the form of digital citizen consultation . It's about ' d' a new method to build, together and as close as possible to the field, solutions to face the challenges of the future “, indicates the Elysée. Concretely, what does it consist of? For the French? What themes are debated?

Definition: what is CNR Santé?

The CNR Santé is the Health branch of the National Council for Refoundation, a 'very broad national consultation' launched by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on September 8, 2022 in Marcoussis in Essonne. ' With the National Council for Refoundation, our desire is to to recreate together unity where there was division , and momentum where there were brakes. Your ideas, your skills, your involvement, I know, can contribute “, explains Emmanuel Macron on the CNR website . CNR Santé kicked off on October 3, 2022 at Le Mans (Sarthe)' in a region where there are difficulties but where we innovate to face them ', argues François Braun. This 'health' component consists of the organization of several 'stakeholder' consultations - health professionals, key players in the sector and citizens - in charge of finding solutions to the problems of access to healthcare in France . In other words, the CNR Santé is ' a thematic version of the National Council for Refoundation. The idea is to start from the ground, to make tailor-made and not ready-to-wear clothing descended from the ministry ', confided François Braun during an interview given to the JDD September 18, 2022. Several topics will be discussed:

  • public hospitals
  • medical deserts
  • shortage of health workers
  • lack of attending physicians
  • generations and aging...

How is CNR Santé organized?

To date, very few elements have been revealed concerning the concrete organization of the CNR Santé. However, we know that the CNR Santé will be declined in three parties , according to the minister:

Until spring 2023, will take place, consultation at the national level with key players, health professionals and orders, elected officials, patient representatives, in order to address cross-cutting issues such as the sharing of skills.

Until the end of 2022 , will take place territorial meetings under the leadership of the […] Regional Health Agencies (ARS) in connection with the prefects and elected officials, specially trained to supervise the debates, as well as health insurance agents. These agents will have a kit on hand with the topics to be addressed and the objectives to be achieved. These workshops will lead to real action programs, involving all actors: government, local authorities, social partners, citizens...

From mid-October , will take place a digital citizen consultation , very broad offered to French people with questions about their experience via an internet platform.

At the end of these conferences and consultations, solutions will be proposed and then sent to the ARS and submitted to the task force, which was specially set up at the Ministry of Health. It should be noted that, like the CNR Santé, other thematic CNRs will be organized and will allow debate in particular on the ecological transition, the future of work, housing, youth, digital technology, the transition of the productive and social model...

What is the role of the French in the CNR Santé?

' It is not the ministry alone that leads the work. He works with all the actors from diagnosis to the development of solutions “, we say at the Elysée. Concretely, the French will be able to be consulted, give their opinion and propose solutions around the themes of health, via a website dedicated to CNR Santé . Interested persons will be able to select the themes that are close to their hearts and respond to ' first basic questions that will feed the next thematic CNRs “, details the Elysée. The site will be fed from mid-October, in real time, with maps and infographics to follow the progress of the projects. in the field. The registrations are already open on the platform.

How to register on the site to participate in the CNR Santé?

To participate in the digital citizen consultation, register on the website of the National Council for Refoundation . By filling in your contact details and choosing one or more themes on which you wish to make a contribution or participate in debates, you will be informed of the progress of the consultations and of the next events near you by newsletter. If you wish it, you can also receive a guide to participate in local projects and or give your opinion on the topics of your choice by answering a few questions directly after validating your registration.

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