Cléo the skater eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Cléo was eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef at the gates of the semi-final. Find out the reasons for his departure.

  Cléo the skater eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef 2022

hard blow for Cleo, eliminated this Wednesday, November 23 at the gates of the semi-final of the Best Pastry Chef . The young woman, figure skater in life, amazed Cyril and Mercotte throughout the competition with her audacity and her original combinations of flavors.

Unfortunately, this audacity did not pay off when spanish week, since Cléo suffered a flop on the revisit of chocolate churros and arrived among the last in the technical test of Mercotte . Adelina, also badly started in the first two rounds, was Joakim Prat's favorite during the creative round, which allowed him to avoid elimination. Cléo, also in the hot seat, was therefore eliminated.

What is his background?

Cléo is precocious: the young woman started figure skating when she was 5 years old. More than a hobby, this high-level sport has become a real passion over time. This is how, from the age of 12, Cléo started competing both nationally and internationally with her partner, Denys Strekalin. ' The one [the competition] that marked me the most was in Japan, a world championship. We represented all of France, that's my best memory ', she says. The young woman burned out a little over a year ago and had to put her career on hold.

His universe in pastry

The pastries of Cléo are in her image: solar and original. The young woman always finds something to give her cakes a little something extra that makes them even more delicious. Having traveled a lot thanks to her skating competitions, Cléo amazed Cyril Lignac and Mercotte with flavors from elsewhere and above all daring combinations.

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What is Cleo's Instagram of Best Pastry Chef?

Cakes, cakes and more cakes! Cleo's Instagram ( @cleo_lmp11 ) will whet your appetite regardless of the time of day. No skating on this account, but the highlighting of its many homemade pastries. Tarte tropézienne or vanilla-apricot charlotte, which is more appetizing? Hard to tell! In any case, what the young woman seems to particularly like is Melba. No, not the famous peach Melba, but her adorable dog. A very tasty kitchen helper!