Claude Sarraute is 95 years old: she 'no longer hears, no longer sees, no longer walks' but has fun with the Big Heads band

Claude Sarraute turns 95 on July 24. The brilliant journalist gradually disappeared from our screens, but she gave disturbing news about her state of health to her longtime friend, Laurent Ruquier, whom she (very) recently found with the Big Heads gang!

  Claude Sarraute is 95 years old: she 'n'entend plus, ne voit plus, ne marche plus" mais s'amuse avec la bande des Grosses Têtes

Claude Sarraute gradually disappeared from our screens in 2013, following a health problem... This talented woman that people under 20 know little about July 24, 2020 blows out its 93rd candle . The opportunity to look back on the life of this brilliant intellectual. From his early youth, Claude Sarraute was animated by the world of the stage . She obtained her baccalaureate at the prestigious Alsatian school in Paris and began a career in theater in 1949. The artist burned the boards until 1952, but decided to change paths.

In 1953, she became a columnist and newspaper columnist The world . ' During the first years at Le Monde, as I had done theater and prided myself on being an actress, I was given the line Program des Théâtres et des Cinémas. Then I was 'promoted': I was allowed to write short sentences like 'Reprise at the Truc theater of the play Machin'. Then I had the right to make titles ', she recalled to the newspaper that gave her her chance. It was later that she made herself a place of choice among the Big heads and some band at Ruquier .

Claude Sarraute: 'You had to be neither flirtatious nor a liar'

The reporter is the daughter of the writer Nathalie Sarraute , lawyer and woman of letters, leading member of the literary movement of the New Roman. It's in the columns of the newspaper The world that Claude Sarraute confided in about his relationship with his mother. According to her, the Russian-born novelist had given her a unisex name because she wanted to have a boy...

When the journalist asks her what her mother passed on to her, she replies: 'We had to work and you shouldn't be flirtatious or a liar . I learned this at the dear price '. Claude Sarraute had a fairly strict childhood. Still according to his confidences in the World, she spent all her summers in boarding school while her parents traveled to the Soviet Union.

Claude Sarraute has become a mother in turn. She had two boys, Laurent and Martin, with physicist Christophe Tzara, then a son, Nicolas Devel, with academician Jean-François Revel, and a daughter, Véronique.

For the anecdote, Jean-François Revel (Ricard, his real name), is the father of the Buddhist Matthieu Ricard. Claude Sarraute is therefore the mother-in-law of the famous Tibetan monk, interpreter of the Dalai Lama.

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Claude Sarraute 'no longer hears, no longer sees, no longer walks'

The appearances of Claude Sarraute on our antennas are rare, since the journalist is now 93 years old. But in 2019, she resurfaced , called by his friend Laurent Ruquier , in full issuance of Big heads. The writer and journalist reveals that she suffers from many health problems.

' I have problems because I can't hear anymore, I can't see anymore, I can't walk anymore', she explains to Laurent Ruquier, with whom she had collaborated on the writing of the book Before you forget everything in 2009.

' But in my head, it's going very well ', had assured Claude Sarraute, not without humor and petulance. The journalist had however confided to the magazine VSD what sometimes thought of suicide ... Now she is helped by several life assistants on a daily basis.

Claude Sarraute: his (recent) reunion with the Big Heads band

Most recently, in June 2022, Laurent Ruquier, Christophe Beaugrand and the band of Big Heads organized a day under the sign of friendship with Claude Sarraute.

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' Yesterday was Father's Day, and we took the opportunity to organize a party for the most beautiful of grandmothers, our friend Claude Sarraute, 95 years old! With all the friends of Laurent Ruquier's gang, we found her on her very dear island of Saint Louis. It was joyful, it was tender... and a little crazy. It's Claudius ' , captioned Christophe Beaugrand on Instagram. Friends for life!