Clara Morgane: 'I am 40 years old, I feel responsible as a mother and a business leader' - Excluded

Common thread of the Cabaret de Clara show, Clara Morgane has never been so fulfilled. Fulfilled in her professional life, this mother of a little girl is also fulfilled alongside her husband and spares no effort to accomplish herself in all areas! Interview excluded for Journal des femmes.

  Clara Morgane: 'J'ai 40 ans, je me sens responsable en tant que maman et cheffe d'entreprise" - Exclu

It's been 5 years now Clara Morgane takes place in the cabaret which bears his name and which is constantly evolving. Mistress of ceremonies, she sings her jazzy version of the legendary I'm so excited , intervenes in a grand illusion and during several interactions with the public. We spoke with this very curious woman who always has projects in mind and who attaches great importance to her freedom! Interview exclusive .

We find you on stage in the cabaret that bears your name. Is it an accomplishment for you?

Clara Morgana. It's an accomplishment in the sense that in my life, I've tried a lot of things because I'm very curious. I have a lot of artistic fantasies. I've sung, danced, acted, hosted shows, performed in three plays, released three albums, and posed a lot. I did a lot of things artistically and I achieved a lot after playing in Cabaret Canaille, which is a hybrid piece under the direction of Nicolas Briançon and with Gérard Daguerre for the sound. The cabaret imposed itself on me because I realized that it was thanks to it that I could exploit all the potential acquired over the past 20 years.

Does the role of master of ceremonies sound appealing to you?

Clara Morgana. Yes it is because I am 40 years old, I feel responsible as a mom and a business owner. Today I think it's my place to present artists and highlight them thanks to my notoriety.

Who are the artists around you?

Clara Morgana. Martial is my Ringmaster and a hilarious comedian. I play the glamor card and he plays the humor card. I'm the red thread of the cabaret but he supports me a lot and reveals all his talents throughout the show. We also have a vocal singer, Audrey Hakoun, and live musicians (Micka and Olivier) who cover the entire cabaret. Margaux is a 22-year-old acrobat who stacks up to 5 chairs and does acrobatics as well as fire and canes. Ophélie offers athletic pole dancing and performs in extremely high heels. We also have a sensual hoops duo with Nolwen and Mélanie, a couple, Jonathan and Marion, who do hand to hand and high aerobatics and Caprice Bellflower who is our burlesque stripper.

'Our daughter was just singing when she couldn't speak yet'

You are the mother of a little girl who will be 7 years old next December. How do you manage to balance professional life and life as a mother?

Clara Morgane . The secret is to have an extraordinary husband (Jérémy Olivier Editor's note). He understands me, pushes me, never restricts me and never judges me. Today he is totally responsible for the feasibility of the cabaret. I manage the relational and the artistic. The fact of being two changes the situation. When I have trips alone, he can stay at home. The big secret is to be surrounded by love. The second great secret is the mind. When we are calm, benevolent, we have a healthy lifestyle, we reach the 3 and big rule which is the organization. Sometimes I'm not home for a week, but the next I'm not moving. In the summer I am for two months with my daughter. There are advantages and disadvantages but you have to know how to take advantage of them and explain them to the children.

Is freedom in a relationship still important to you?

Clara Morgana. This is the key. For me, jealousy and the absence of dialogue lead to disaster. We have been married for 10 years, we have gone through many phases more or less easy. But by dint of talking, showing kindness, trying, we have achieved a certain balance. From the moment we trust each other and we know each other well, we should not limit ourselves. The goal is for the other to be as happy as possible.

Is your daughter drawn to show business?

Clara Morgana. We realized that she had my husband's absolute ear, that she tapped in rhythm and that she sang just when she couldn't even speak. I'm not just saying this because she's my daughter and the apple of my eye! We put her on the piano because it was self-evident and two years later she knows music theory even though she hasn't learned it. I watched science documentaries where they talked about chromosome 12 being related to music. If that's true, she has it! She is totally a fan of Michael Jackson currently.


Will you encourage her to get into the arts? or on the contrary will you curb his ardor?

Clara Morgana. She already has her character and even if I wanted to, I couldn't impose anything on her. I had a dream life, I made complicated and sometimes misunderstood choices. That's all I wish for her and I will always be there, like my husband, for her.

Do you still want to expand the family?

Clara Morgana. I will want to until the moment when I can no longer. But I work a lot. Sometimes I tell myself that I can't have it all, including a large family, an incredible life and a fantastic husband. It is true that I have not completely turned the page. We'll see what tomorrow has in store for me.

'No matter what cannonball we drag on our feet, it must be on the engine'

Equality between men and women was an important cause for you a few years ago. Is this still the case ?

Clara Morgana. I live it 100% so I'm not going to talk about it all the time. When something that goes in this direction challenges me, I repost it. When I am asked a question in this sense, I give my opinion. But all my daily choices mean that I have less need to talk about it because I live it. I think sometimes talking too much is unproductive: showing it is more so.

We talk a lot about the dangers of media coverage. What is your opinion on this subject ?

Clara Morgana. When we are publicized, we become divisive. I am more than another because some will never accept that I have been here for 20 years and that I have an extraordinary career. I have great respect for Brigitte Lahaie but she was forced to talk about sexuality on the radio all her life. I would never have had the strength to do that because it doesn't interest me. What interests me is to be free and to offer lots of things. If I had accepted to confine myself to what I was offered to do, I would have been terribly restricted. It doesn't matter which cannonball you drag on your feet, it must be on the motor. It's what has driven me all my life. Those who told me that I wouldn't make it don't suspect the strength they gave me.

Are you sometimes hurt by comments posted on social media?

Clara Morgana. I don't care about social media. I only use it for work. Scammers or trolls who pour out their hate, I ban them and I don't even see them anymore.

What do you think of the #MeToo movement?

Clara Morgana. There are always pros and cons. There was a big silence to break but I have a problem with what that can create because every accusation requires proof. Sometimes there are, sometimes not. It's easy to denounce when the other can't defend themselves. I am a feminist who advocates parity, not superiority. Men and women are different but must work together. The #MeToo movement can be useful but must be regulated just like social networks. Currently there are 3000 fake profiles of me on Instagram: some manage to convince some fans to pay them money. There is still a huge amount of work to be done in this area.

What is your take on the season of Dancing With the Stars, a show you participated in in 2019?

Clara Morgana. I confess that I did not follow it for lack of time. When I'm at home, I don't watch TV. But I loved this experience even if it was painful because I'm very stressed. I had to know all the steps and I did everything with great rigor. I gave 3000% and lost 8 pounds. I couldn't have done better. But since I'm a little crazy, if I was offered it again, I would say yes!

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