Claire Vallée closes her ONA restaurant and publishes a book

Claire Vallée, the first chef to have won a star for a vegan restaurant in France, has announced the closure of her establishment. At the same time, she is releasing her very first book.

  Claire Vallée closes her ONA restaurant and publishes a book

[Updated November 2, 2022 at 10:49 a.m.] Tuesday, November 1, it is with great emotion that Claire Vallée announced the closing d' ONA (Origine non amiale), his starred vegan restaurant. 'Today is a little special day, I wanted to announce that I am closing the restaurant for good. I wanted to thank you for all these years that have profoundly made me grow. Ona is not dead. It's more than 'a restaurant is a community. ONA it can be elsewhere, it will be at another time', assured the chef on her Instagram account.

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Along with this sad news, Claire Vallee will be released on November 9 its all first book , discovering its organic and 100% vegetable universe. Through this book, you will discover many recipes where vegetables and plants are in the spotlight, such as yellow courgette ravioli and black truffle gnocchi, but also more original dishes such as peas and beans in brine, ballotine chard with vegetable ricotta. The chef also offers curated recipes such as glazed passion fruit carrots, yuzu cream, almond financier and bergamot sorbet. The book, which will be released on November 9, will be sold for €49.90.

How old is Claire Vallee? His biography

Born on January 13, 1980 in Nancy, Claire Vallée grew up in Montélimar, far from the world of cooking. When she was younger, she was destined for a career as an archaeologist until a stay in Switzerland. 'At 26 , and n parallel to my studies, I worked for a season in the kitchen of a hotel in Crans-Montana as chef de rang. I stayed two years in this position and one day, I was offered to move into the kitchen as a pastry chef' , she says on the Printemps website.

Gradually, she rose through the ranks and became chef at the age of 30 in the same establishment. ' I was a woman, self-taught, without a diploma, who managed a team of boys... so it wasn't always easy, but I didn't let it go and I ended up finding my place. ' The initiation to cuisine vegan takes place during a trip to Thailand . ' Q When I returned to France, I could no longer bear to eat animal fats, creams... not to mention meat. that I had stopped during the trip. '

Will his ONA restaurant reopen?

In 2016, she opened her vegan restaurant in Arès called ONA (for 'Non-animal origin'). To achieve this, she carries out a crowdfunding campaign thanks to which she collects 10,000 euros. It also appeals to the generosity of volunteers who mobilize to carry out work in the restaurant. From the opening, the enthusiasm is total. ' I had a lot of publications in the press, people talked about it a lot around them. As a result, the restaurant was full every night for months!'

The guide Michelin awards him the following year a green star as well as a plate. Before reaching the grail in 2021 with the star. ' This is a great recognition from the profession. (…) It's U a great first for the vegan, which was until then perceived as something rather bland, a little sad.'

In January 2022, she announced the temporary closure of her establishment: ' The critical position in which the COVID pandemic is throwing us all has now reached its climax...' can we read in a post on Facebook. Claire Vallée announces the permanent closure of her restaurant on November 1 of the same year. The young chef does not rule out a future reopening, in another place, at another time.

How to define Claire Vallée's cuisine?

Claire Vallée therefore advocates a vegan cuisine excluding any product of animal origin, eggs and milk included. 'I only work with organic products from small local producers, so I also try to make a local economy work, which I find interesting and more adapted to our way of life.' Two menus are offered at ONA: a market menu that changes every week and a 7-step gourmet menu that changes every month.

Creativity is at the heart of the chef's cuisine and all you need to do, for example, is taste her salty floating island, her broccoli cooked on hay or even her gaspacho raspberry to adhere to its overall approach.

Where to find his book?

In order to convince even more those who doubt the incredible diversity of vegan cuisine, Claire Vallée has prepared a book during confinement. It brings together councils, nearly a hundred easy recipes to reproduce and magnificent photos that plunge readers into the engaging world of the ONA restaurant. It comes out on November 9, 2022 and is easily found in major bookstores such as Fnac.

tasty recipes

The chef has no signature recipes. 'I change the menu every month with the seasons. Customers who come regularly should be asked what they preferred in all that they have been able to test' , she explains to Inrocks. We could all the same mention a few dishes that have left their mark on gourmets, such as Chaud-froid d' asparagus with strawberries and sweet potato gnocchi, a spring creation.

For the holidays, Claire Vallée is also the author of a gourmet recipe for smoked and confit cauliflower, saffron and seaweed tartare. A delight that brings together all the flavors on the plate.

they are instagram

Go to the Instagram page of claire_vallee_ which is the most followed with nearly 22K subscribers. The 40-year-old reveals her universe and her civic commitments that go far beyond the spectrum of cooking. Protecting the planet, animals but also giving blood: Claire Vallée shows the way forward. That of the good, the beautiful and the durable.