Cindy Crawford doesn't want to look like a 25-year-old woman

Cindy Crawford is 56 years old, and she fully accepts it. While some run after eternal youth, the supermodel prefers to accept the signs of aging and counter the dictates of beauty. Confidences.

 Cindy Crawford doesn't want to look like a 25-year-old woman

Cindy Crawford gave an interview to the magazine Haute Living , of which she is also the cover of the month of November. The supermodel talks about its relation to aging , the diktat of youth and its well-being.

Cindy Crawford wants to grow old

While some stars are in perpetual search of youth, Cindy Crawford prefers to accept the passage of time with serenity. A model since she was 17, the American admits to being under daily pressure in her environment where appearances are paramount, especially when she is described as ' ageless'. ' Even in my ad campaigns for Meaningful Beauty [sa cosmetics brand, editor's note] they would say, 'she hasn't aged' and they would show [pictures of me] side by side. And I told them to stop, because it put too much pressure on me ', she explains to Haute Living. Cindy Crawford is aware of the signs of aging appearing . 'I know the ways in which I've aged. My face has gotten much thinner, my mouth isn't as full anymore. Hearing that I'm ageless isn't fair, especially because getting older is hard enough, not to mention the fact that we live in a culture obsessed with youth ', remarks the 56-year-old star.

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Cindy Crawford isn't 25

Faced with this culture of youth, Cindy Crawford has chosen to assume her age, highlighting her experience. ' I'm not 25, so why should i try to look like i'm 25? Why would I want someone to confuse me with a 25 year old? I had children. I have all this life experience,' points out the mother of two children. The supermodel also talks about the beauty and dress codes suggested for fifty-somethings, which she does not intend to adopt. ' I've probably come to an age where I should wear one piece swimsuits, but I've never worn one, and it's [the same kind of dilemma I have with my hair]. I've always had long hair, I wouldn't feel like myself with short hair' , says the star. Thus to 56 years old , Cindy Crawford feels beautiful in a bikini, with long hair and, above all, with the passage of time.