Christophe with '9 women': His last love Bénédicte La Capria tells...

The last love of Christophe, a woman named Bénédicte La Capria, made amazing confidences. According to her, the late singer, who would have celebrated his 77th birthday on October 13, was a 'sex maniac' who had already slept with '9 women at the same time'...

  Christopher with"9 femmes" : Son dernier amour Bénédicte La Capria raconte...

Christophe , who died on April 16, 2020 from pulmonary emphysema, would have celebrated his 77th birthday on October 13, 2022. his last love , Benedicte La Capria , broke the silence in the columns of Paris Match , last April. The 50-year-old, who was 24 years younger than the singer and had met him at a concert in 2018, claimed that the interpreter of Blue Words was far from chaste. ' He was a real sex maniac , it's true. He wasn't comfortable with the #MeToo movement, that's also true. But never a woman will blame him for anything. It was an old-fashioned seducer, a smooth talker, a pleasure seeker , certainly not someone who abused women “, she had explained in Paris Match , last April.

Christophe had '9 women at the same time'

The artist cultivated his image of ' immense seducer ' and 'to me up to 9 women at the same time “, she added. Despite everything, Christophe respected the will of Bénédicte La Capria, who did not wish to have sex with the singer . ' Christophe was older than me, a little older even, and I didn't want to make love to him. It became a pact between us : I would be there for him, until we sleep together “, had specified the one who is the mother of a young man of 18 years, named Matteo.

Christophe: his last love 'was nobody' for the family

The singer also sent texts full of poetry and sensuality , but without ever crossing the border of indecency. Since the death of her beloved, Bénédicte La Capria has not completely turned the page: ' We never really leave Christophe when we loved him '. If it has been informed of the death of the star only four hours after his death , the 50-year-old is hardly offended: ' I was nobody for his family, I don't blame them '.

Christophe: his complicated relationship with his children

Bénédicte La Capria has also made revelations about Christophe's children , in particular on its daughter Lucy , born of his love with Véronique Kan in 1971, with whom he was in cold . ' He didn't understand why did she resent him so much . As soon as he could see her, he was happy “, had explained the last love of Christophe, always in Paris Match . According to her, the interpreter of Aline paid 2000 euros each month to his daughter. As for his son Romain Vidal , born in 1967 from his romance with Michele Torr , he had been seeing it since 2018.” He had need to put some order in his private life . With Romain, they had seen each other once or twice to discuss everything and nothing. “, she clarified.