Christophe Willem fan of cosmetic surgery: implants, teeth, 'bump on the nose'...

Christophe Willem spoke openly about the cosmetic surgery operations he had had recourse to, 'Here is'. The 39-year-old singer wanted to 'fix his mind', more than his physique... Confidences.

  Christophe Willem fan of cosmetic surgery: implants, teeth,"bosse sur le nez"...

Christophe Willem spoke without jargon. Near Here is , the singer did not hesitate to reveal that he had given in to the sirens of the plastic surgery ... more than one time ! A before after that his fans and the general public can see over his photos posted on Twitter or Instagram as well as with archive images during his appearances on TV. ' I'm 39, I don't have a problem with age, and for my physique, we were going so far that, thank God, it could only get better with time ! When you start very ugly, you really need a big lose for it to get worse. I had implants, got a bump on my nose straightened, straightened my teeth “, detailed the interpreter of Double I . Nevertheless, the winner of the New star assures him: he has never had recourse to any injection. ' No Botox or anything like that “, he clarified.

Christophe Willem, mocked during his childhood

During his childhood, Christophe Willem saw his self-esteem undermined. ' At school, I was stigmatized, like the ugly duckling or the fat queer of the court. My success had erased that, I felt carried by the gaze of the public. You mistakenly believe that this love of people will heal a self-esteem that has been shattered. It's wrong. So at the slightest failure, you go even lower than before “, he explained.

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His new beginning

In recent years, Christophe Willem has moved away from the artistic scene in order to take time for him . ' I needed to fix my mental more than my physical “, he specified to Here is . From now on, the singer returns to the front of the stage and operates a comeback with a new album, baptized Panorama . A new start after the flop of his previous opus, Rio , released in 2017.' I was so violent with myself, I was so me to judge myself even more violently than the real judgment of others. J I feel like I've made up with a lot of stuff, which makes me a little unfazed .'

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Christophe Willem, queer and soon to be a dad?

In addition to this professional success, is Christophe Willem satisfied on the plan sentimental ? The singer hardly mentions this question and wishes to remain discreet on the subject. However, he had entrusted Cine TV Review , in 2021, that the paternity was not in his plans: ' I have nephews, nieces, and that's fine with me. Children impose stability, I have a huge need for freedom. If I want to go to the other side of the world, I want to be able to do it '. And to add: ' I have a side too fiery to start a family '.

Her sexuality, Christophe Willem knows that she has been questioning for a long time. Asked by Purecharts , he however set the record straight: ' I step out of any binary standard. I'm not gay like I'm not straight (...) I find it very counter-productive to resonate in a heteronormative way (...) If you have to find a term that encompasses everything, I define myself as queer. '