Christophe Rippert (First Kisses): What happens to him, where he lives, new job and salary... he says it all!

Christophe Rippert confided in his new life since the end of his career as an actor in 'TPMP People', this Saturday January 7, 2023 on C8. The former actor of “First Kisses” assures that he has no regrets, on the contrary.

  Christophe Rippert (First Kisses): What happens to him, where he lives, new job and salary... he says it all!

The public knew him in first kisses . Christophe Rippert was a star of the small screen in the series broadcast on TF1 from 1991 to 1995 . A golden era followed by a short career in music and tennis. But what about today?

Christophe Rippert gives his news in TPMP

Guest on the show TPMP People this Saturday, January 7, the now 53-year-old comedian explained that he had definitely turned the page on the life of an actor. And without any regrets. 'I would feel like I was doing the same thing I did 30 years ago with so much happiness, with all the excitement around, explained the former star to Matthieu Delormeau, on C8. What I like , it is to do new things, to go towards the unknown . I think we are explorers. Me, what I like is to be able to go towards what I don't know.'

What becomes of Christophe Rippert? New job, money, where he lives... confidences

Christophe Rippert then revealed that he had undertaken a surprising conversion : he has founded a start-up called Heraw , a paid creative project management tool that counts the Grande Ecole ESSEC among its customers.

And the young fifty-something assures him, the 'earn well' his life with this activity based in Paris . “I hope to win it even better if my startup works, succeeds, finally finds the audience and the success that awaits it, he added, with undisguised ambition. I loved the light. There is the public, there is something magical. But I'm really happy in what I'm doing, with the real ambition to see this project through to the end.'

Christophe Rippert and his private life: is he in a relationship?

On the heart side, what life does Christophe Rippert lead? On the set of TPMP People , he has revealed to be single and never had a taste of fatherhood . The man would also simply like not to have children.

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After first kisses (series in which we also found Camille Raymond , Magalie Madison or even Fabien Remblier), Christophe Rippert had appeared in various programs. He thus turned The Blue Years and The college years in 1998, then in a program that was very successful: the series Under the sun . He is in the credits of several episodes, in 1999. The end of his career as an actor, but not as a singer. In 2011 again, he released three new songs. The following year, he released the album Free composed of 13 titles in English. Not enough success, however, to finally break through to the general public.