Christmas gifts: which ones to choose for the family?

It's not easy to find the right gift for every member of the family! Here are our selections to offer the best gift there is to a teenager, to children, and our best gift ideas for men and women.

  Christmas gifts: which ones to choose for the family?

Do you lack time or inspiration to find the most appropriate gift for each of your loved ones? It is true that the task is time-consuming, and that we do not necessarily know how to please in an original and personalized way... To help you hit the bull's eye, we've prepared a selection of gifts that are sure to please, and that won't monopolize two days of RTT! Between novelties and latest trends, here are all our gift ideas for this Christmas 2022, which will allow you to keep intact the pleased to offer !

What Christmas gifts for women?

For fashion fans, here is a selection right in the trends for this winter 2022-2023. A nice pair of cowboy boots , which are making a comeback, or a nice coat are unstoppable gifts, as are the box beauties and the cosmetic care , between massage and microneedling session, always a pleasure! A perfume also remains a 'sure value' gift, as does jewellery, knowing that it is possible to offer pretty ones without breaking the bank.

What Christmas gifts for a man or his boyfriend?

Why not bet on his desire to escape? For example, give him a flight simulator so that it has the sensation of touching the stars.

What Christmas gifts for a teenager?

Even if it means seeing them spending time on social networks and constantly scrolling on their screens, you might as well offer them something to create beautiful content! Christmas is thus an opportunity to give teenagers what is called 'a useful gift', with a beautiful camera, a professional ring light or high-performance editing software. Or why not, a 3D printer to allow them to make objects that are larger than life. In truth, giving a gift to a teenager is not that complicated!

What Christmas gifts for grandpa and grandma?

Because it's important to spoil them too, here's how to be sure to please them, by combining a small budget and a sustainable purchase.

Inexpensive Christmas gifts for small budgets

With galloping inflation, this year more than ever, Christmas is about savings and thoughtful purchases. Here's how to help you optimize your budget to make your Christmas gifts without spending too much, while having fun.

Christmas toys for children

If you don't have to put all your attention and time into choosing the right gift for one person in particular, it is the gift (the gifts!) bestowed on a child. After all, Christmas is their party, and it is for them that we must try to keep the magic of Christmas intact, with a gift expressly requested from the Santa Claus . To avoid the risk of planting you, here are the gifts that are sure to work this Christmas 2022.