Christmas bonus: what is the ceiling for receiving the 2022 bonus?

[CHRISTMAS PREMIUM 2022] This year, recipients of social minima will receive the Christmas bonus. What are the requirements to be eligible?

  Christmas bonus: what is the ceiling for receiving the 2022 bonus?

[Updated October 19 at 2:54 p.m.] Otherwise known as the 'exceptional end-of-year bonus', the Christmas will be paid on December 15 by the CAF, the Caisse centrale de la Mutualité sociale agricole and Pôle Emploi to the poorest 2.3 million French people. Unlike other bonuses and aids, its allocation is not based on resource ceilings, but is correlated to the other aids you receive. You will automatically receive the Christmas bonus if you are already receiving certain aid. Details.

Who is eligible for the 2022 Christmas bonus?

The Christmas bonus is granted to the most modest households who benefit from social minima, in particular RSA recipients or people who receive certain aid from Pôle Emploi. In both cases, the 2022 Christmas bonus is paid either by CAF or MSA, or by Pôle Emploi. Details :

Christmas bonus paid by Pôle Emploi

If your right to one of allocations below is in progress for the month of November or December 2022, you will be able to receive the Christmas bonus which will be automatically paid to you by Pôle Emploi. Beneficiaries of social minima eligible for it are those who are entitled to:

  • The specific solidarity allowance (ASS)
  • The specific training solidarity allowance (ASS-F)
  • Pension equivalent allowance (AIR)
  • Public internship compensation (RPS) 
  • Remuneration for Pôle Emploi training (RFPE) 
  • Assistance in setting up and taking over a business (ACRE-ASS)

► The amount paid by Pôle Emploi remains fixed in 2022: 152.45 euros for mainland France and the overseas departments and 76.22 euros in Mayotte.

Christmas bonus paid by CAF or MSA for RSA beneficiaries

The Christmas bonus is paid by the CAF or the MSA to beneficiaries of the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) the amount of which varies according to the composition of the family and the number of children. To benefit from the Christmas bonus, your right to one of these allowances must be in progress for the month of November or December 2022. If you are a new beneficiary, the Christmas bonus will then be paid to you in January 2023 .

For RSA beneficiaries

For beneficiaries of the RSA (revenu de solidarité active) outside Mayotte, the amount of the bonus varies according to family situation. In 2022, the amount of the Christmas bonus is €152.45 for a single person, €274.41 for a couple with one child, and €320.14 for a couple with two children. From three children, the couple then benefits from a bonus of €381.12 .

Childless €152.45


1 child €228.67 €274.41
2 children €274.41 €320.14
3 children €335.39 €381.12
4 children €396.37 €442.10
Per additional child €60.98 €60.98

In Mayotte, in any case, the amount of the Christmas bonus is lower, being 76.22 euros.

For ASS or AER beneficiaries

For people who receive the lump sum premium for resumption of activity, the ASS or the AER, the amount of the premium is fixed, regardless of the number of members in your household. The amount of the Christmas bonus for these eligible people is also 152.45 euros.

To find out the exact amount of the premium you will receive around mid-December, you can make a simulation on the site .

Are the Christmas bonus and the activity bonus cumulative?

A single scenario allows the two bonuses to be combined. If in November or December you receive the activity bonus, you must respect this condition:

- Receiving the base RSA (regardless of the amount) + the activity bonus without ever exceeding the amount of the basic RSA which corresponds to the composition of your family

To find out if you are eligible for the Christmas bonus while first receiving the activity bonus, go to your CAF account. You will see the notification a few days before its automatic payment, without any action on your part.

How much is the Christmas bonus in 2022?

The amount of the Christmas bonus changes little each year. Government aid for 2022 is set at 152.45 euros . This is the basic amount, it increases according to the composition of the household, whether you live alone or as a couple, with or without children. The Christmas bonus can thus reach 442.10 euros if you live as a couple with 4 dependent children.

When is the 2022 Christmas bonus paid?

This year, the Christmas bonus will be paid December 15 . But in a specific case, the payment of aid is postponed. If in December 2022, you receive the RSA for the first time, you will only receive the Christmas bonus in January. It should also be noted that the payment times may vary depending on your bank but also according to the treatment of the CAF, Pôle Emploi or the MSA which grants the aid. Last year, the Christmas bonus was paid from December 15.

Will the Christmas bonus be increased this year?

L' back-to-school allowance , the family support allowance and many other social benefits benefited from an exceptional increase this year to cope with the generalized inflationary context. Regarding the Christmas bonus, however, no revaluation has been announced to date.

What are the steps to benefit from the Christmas bonus?

To apply for or obtain the Christmas bonus, it's simple, no steps need to be taken. If you are eligible and you receive the RSA, the Christmas bonus is automatically paid by the CAF or the MSA depending on your situation. Do you receive the ASS, the AER or the flat-rate premium for resumption of activity? It will then be Pôle Emploi who will take care of the payment , usually within 15 days before Christmas. In all cases, the payment of the Christmas bonus is made automatically to the bank accounts of the persons concerned. A word of advice: if you are a beneficiary of the Rsa in November or December 2022, make sure that the information communicated to your CAF is up to date to avoid any error or delay in payment.