Christmas 2022: decoration trends and gift ideas to share with Santa Claus

While Santa's secretariat has just opened and the streets are gradually putting on their festive clothes, discover our gift ideas as well as our culinary and decorating tips for celebrating Christmas with the family.

  Christmas 2022: decoration trends and gift ideas to share with Santa Claus

What day is Christmas in 2022?

The New Year's Eve on December 24 falls on a Saturday and the Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25, 2022. The opportunity to spend the Christmas holidays with the family all weekend long!

What toys to give at Christmas and where to find the catalogs?

This year, the children are going to be spoiled! Between the christmas toys in the likeness of their favorite hero as Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars or the Paw Patrol... you'll be spoiled for choice. Pokémon displays will delight collectors, as will connected and interactive toys, which are still on trend this year. Without forgetting the board games who know how to reinvent themselves and bring the whole family together. Finally, parents seem to appreciate more and more the educational games as well as eco-friendly toys and environmentally friendly. Selections and catalogs of the biggest brands:

How to reach Santa Claus by mail or by phone?

Whether they really believe in it or just for the sake of the legend, no Christmas is complete without the man in the red suit and the white beard. Good news, the Santa Claus is ultra-connected, he can now be reached not only by post, but also by phone and even by email or video!

What decoration trends for Christmas?

This year, decoration specialists are planning a Christmas in natural inspiration, evoking evenings at the chalet , with keys green and recycling in holiday decor. But the opposite trend also exists, with bright colors and a riot of bombastic or offbeat effects (to make up for the last failed Christmas?). From the choice of lighting fixtures to the table decoration, discover all your decorative options!

What gift ideas for grown-ups?

You do not know that Christmas gift to offer to your loved ones? On New Year's Eve, young and old will be delighted to unpack the presents placed under the tree. Either it's about high-tech products, beauty and perfume boxes, decorative objects or fashion accessories. . Find all our ideas to inspire you.

How much is the Christmas bonus?

The Noël's prime was paid from December 15, 2021 to the poorest households. The amount varies depending on your situation and the number of dependent children. No action is required and this premium is not taxable. Who can benefit, what are the amounts of the first Christmas ? We tell you everything:

How and when to make your Christmas tree?

He can be natural or artificial , imposing or on the contrary discreet like three lines of masking tape on a wall: the important thing in the tree is the symbol! All our advice for choosing it well, neither too early nor too late, maintaining and decorating it.

What recipes for Christmas dinner?

Christmas is synonymous with gifts exchanged but also with family dinner party . Pas question de brûler sa Christmas turkey or miss his log! With our expert advice and our easy-to-make recipes, you'll be ready to entertain your guests like real chefs!

Christmas outfit: evening in beauty or kitsch 'Christmas sweater'...

Christmas is a time to get all dressed up! The end-of-year celebrations make you want to dress well, put on make-up, and do your hair... or conversely, opt for the trend of ' Christmas jumper ' to celebrate New Year's Eve with a touch of self-mockery!

What Christmas activities and drawings to do with the kids?

To color or learn to draw, Santa Claus and the garlands and tree balls are easy and popular subjects for children. But you can also start making advent calendars diy holiday greeting cards (to send to grandparents for example), even more complex crafts to create all kinds of creatures in reference to Christmas, reindeer elves passing through the christmas gnomes , very fashionable in 2022!